Inspiration for a picture and a blog post can come from well about everything. So today I was spending some time with my dear friend Destiny who is a proud and loving babygirl, and suddenly I receive the package from Salt & Pepper with her latest groupgift. A sexy babydoll for Christmas!


So here I am wearing this wonderful free Babydoll from Salt & Pepper sneaking into the bedroom of my dear friend, and pretend to be a good babygirl, I do hope I am pulling it off, but I will let you all be the judge of that. Now back to the babydoll as stated it is the groupgift from Salt & Pepper . This babydoll comes in three colours, sheer & opaque that you can control via the hud. This amazing sexy little number should be enough reason to go and join her group if you have not done yet, the group fee to join is 150L$ but with gifts like these…that is a bargain!

I did some shopping! I got a new mesh head, yep that is right, I went Bento which for me meant I went over to the Catwa store and bought the Catya. A lot has been written already about bento, and there have been many reviews of the Catwa Catya head so instead of writing one myself, I will shamelessly point you towards an amazing post by the so talented Strawberry Singh. Now in order to get the most out of this (and any Bento) head you need to work a bit with your shape, which for me is a nightmare because I am terrible at it. Luckily my friend Destiny is a true artist when it comes to making shapes, so she created this look for me by making the shape from scratch. If you are interested in a custom shape give her a poke and I am sure things can be arranged.

Even though she made the shape for me for the Belleza body, in this picture I am using my Maitreya body and see it works just as well. As skin I once more use the gorgeous Alor skin from Nunu’s Skins & Shapes in the tone peche. And of course I had to go and decorate my skin with a wonderful tattoo from [White~Widow] this tattoo Aloft is actually a gift yes you heard me right, it is another gift in the Mad City – Mad Pea Store. Well….it is a gift with a twist, you need to buy the Christmas Calendar and then open the door corresponding with the day and get the present. The Christmas Calendar is L1000$ but for that you will get a total of 25 gifts from amazing designers.

Now let me finish writing this, because I know by now you must be quite ready for me to shut up. Finishing off my look, I am using the mesh eyes from IKON again, the Sovereign Ice. For hair I used an older style from EXxEsS Jaci. Now as a babygirl I decided I needed a few more things to decorate myself, something silly and light but with a twist. And here is where Real Evil came to the rescue with the Kitty Ears and the Good Kitty Collar.

And the bed I am sitting on omg! The bed is from a gacha at Stockholm & Lima, and those of you familiar with that store, will immediately understand that this bed hides sooo much. It might look like a cute princess bed (actually the gacha is called Princess Suite) but the animations…..definite not a bed for a little girl…yet so purrrrrfect for a babygirl.


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