Angel of love

Rumor has it that you all believe that a fat baby with wings is responsible for people falling in love, by shooting arrows at then…really falling in love by getting hit with an arrow? Let me tell you how it really works, you have an angel of love slipping in your bedroom in the middle of the night, whispering all kinds of sweet nothings in your ear about another person and -that- is what makes people fall in love.

Angel of love

Now here is the thing about being an angel of love the job can be such fun (who doesn’t enjoy whispering naughty things in the dark) but besides the wings, the job really does not come with any clothes. And I tell you…this time of yours, angel or not you can freeze your butt off.

So in order to safe myself from getting frostbite on sensitive parts I first went shopping at Candy Kitten, the outfit there that caught my eye was love to love. Now even though the outfit comes with some angel wings, for this picture I used wings from the Icon set from Blueberry.

There are two more things that I definite need to mention in this post, every picture needs a good background, and for this picture I made use of the Forgotten door photobox from D.U.S.T. to give just that nice mystical atmosphere. And then of course there is the pose, the one I used is one from the Gritty Beats // No Relief set from Bauhaus Movement.


Up for auction

I so love visiting stores within SL, there is of course shopping to be done, but also some of the shops you encounter are so amazingly landscapes that they just are an invitation to come back and make a picture there.

Up for auction

So as I mentioned in an earlier post I have been at the  ROMP event and there I found a wonderful creation from Constraint that I mentioned in my blog here. After having bought the item I went to the store to see what other goodies were for sale, and fell in love with the place, so that is where todays picture was taken.

Todays picture showcases another item from ROMP this time it is a creation from Salt & Pepper , a harness called Tam. The harness comes with a version with and without the bottom strapped included, you get one guess as to which version I chose to wear! As we have come to expect from Salt & Pepper the harness comes with a colour hud, which allows you to change the colour on the leather (12) and the metals (7).

During the event you get 20% off on this wonderful item, which means you can pick it up for a mere L$485. quite the steal for such a sexy item!

Oh and to complete, the prop that I used to make this picture is the Mesh BDSM Post from Shoki Animations.

I been to a kinky romp

Well as you might have guessed from the admittedly corny title of this post, I have been to two events yesterday  being ROMP and Kinky Event. So todays picture will display an item from both these wonderful fun events.

I been to a kinky romp

The first item I want to mention is the one I found at ROMP and is called Fallen Angel from Constraint. A fun bondage item, that allows you to well become an angel! There are 11 different poses in this item, it will rezz black or white wings for you and you can set the colours of the ribbons holding you up. Definite a wonderful item and I am looking forward to seeing what else Constraint might release.

Now the second item on todays post is from my favorite tattoo maker [White~Widow] called Stronger that you can find at the Kinky Event. Now here we have it, am all ready for or an angelic kinky romp!

A pretty flutterby

For the past few days I have been pulling out my hair and not to create a new funky look, but because I simply did not know what picture to take. And this had nothing to do with the sexy outfit in this picture the sexy Amara harness from Salt & Pepper that is available at the current round We ❤ RP.

A pretty flutterby

So I was just sitting around hoping that inspiration would find me, and it did. Right in front on me on the wall was the Dragonfly box from Stockholm & Lima, the rare version that I won playing the gacha in their store. And 1+1=one hell of a picture if I say so myself.

A little bit about the items, the harness Amara from Salt & Pepper is right now for 25% off at the current round of We ❤ RP. The harness is available for the Maitreya, Belleza Freya and Slink Hourglass bodies. The one I use in the picture is the one for the Maitreya body. All the different colours of the Amara include  metals (black, pewter, silver, rosegold, light gold, gold, copper), 3 pearls ( light, medium, dark), Cloth ( black, red, rose, cream, white and no cloth option). So as you can tell from the picture for once I choose to be modest, and actually do have the cloth showing.

Now the box I am in is so much more than just a prop or decoration even though it very well fits a well like one and would be an addition in every home. The good people at Stockholm & Lima had a fun time with these Collectors Box. Besides the fact that there are a handful of good poses in it, you can change the look and colour of the wood, the glass as well as the wings that are inside.

So here we are…..a pretty flutterby in a collectors box.

Beauty in all its simplicity

I have often said that a good tattoo enhances the natural beauty of a person, and that is exactly what I hope to display with the picture that I took here.

Beauty in all its simplicity

The tattoo is called Belle from [White~Widow] and will be available on The Enchantment as of Feb 10th. The tattoo comes in difference styles the one I am using for this picture is the Belle Gold.

Wow yet another very short post today, but there is literally not much to mention about the items that I am wearing, the beautiful centerpiece the tattoo from [White~Widow] is what the entire post is about.

Kitty Love

Now I wonder where I got the idea for the title of this post….once more I find myself wearing an outfit that is so sweet yet sexy from Candy Kitten. This little number is called Kitty inside and I am so proud of myself that I resisted the temptation to make a picture surrounded by cute kittens or such

Kitty love

Aloriana is wearing:
Mesh head :
Catwa– Catya
Mesh body : Maitreya-Lara
Head applier : VCO– Sona 
Body applier : VCO– Pale (omega)
Body shape : custom
Hair : Magika – Delight
Outfit : Candy Kitten  – Kitty Inside
Light : LUMIPro

Don’t tell me how to feel

Don’t worry no need to get out the pitchforks and start a manhunt, nobody has been mean to me. The title from this post is from the backdrop I used at the wonderful sim called Backdrop City. If you are into SL photography you definite want to visit this place.

Don't tell me how to feel

The outfit I am wearing is once more a creation from Candy Kitten , she always manages to make sweet and innocent look so naughty. This creation is called I can’t decide and I guess that name would refer to the top, which you can change the text of with the hud that comes with the outfit. Though I had no problem whatsoever to decide what I wanted mine to say.

Aloriana is wearing:
Mesh head : Catwa– Catya
Mesh body : Maitreya-Lara
Head applier : VCO– Rinco Catwa 002
Body applier : VCO– Pale (omega)
Body shape : custom
Hair : eXxEsS– Nova
Outfit : Candy Kitten  – I can’t decide
Light : LUMIPro