Current mood….

Well not really, I am feeling happy and bubbly but when I was walking around my platform with backdrops I once again found this little jewel from Foxcity and instead of waiting till my mood fitted the scenery….I decided to use it right away.

Current mood

Now in this picture you can find two creations from [NYNE] the first one is the new hairstyle named Dabur that you can get right now in the mainstore. The second outfit is the sexy little outfit called Heart Bodysuit but for this sexy little item you will have to go to the current round of The Fetish Fair.

One of the reasons I like this bodysuit so much (besides it looking deliciously wicked) is that with the hud you can not only change the colour of the suit, but also the gloss and opacity. And especially the opacity is fun, if you feel daring you can make the suit very see through! though as you can see I opted to go for the more modest look.

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