It’s a kind of magic

If you happen to enjoy the different events and fairs in SecondLife as I do, you will have noticed there is a magic themed fair going on right now. And even though the items in the following picture are not from this event, the event did inspire me to make a bit magical themed photo.

A kind of magic

So knowing I wanted to make a picture with a little bit of magic in it, I was looking around until I found what to me is just the perfect backdrop, this one is from Focus Poses, I wish I could give you the name of it, but all that I can see in that regards is Photo Booth. Now the next item in this picture that I want to point out, or ratheritems are from Candy Kitten.

Now for the dress you will have to head on over to the Sense event, and look for the Adelle dress. The boots and stockings I am wearing are from Candy Kitten as well and are named Naughty Wish Stockings and Heels which neatly brings us back to the magic theme of this picture. Wearing an outfit like this, I am sure you can make a few wishes and people are very eager to fulfill them for you. And here I almost forgot to tel you where to get the stockings, for these you will have to conjure yourself to The Fetish Fair

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