About myself
After several month’s of happily blogging togeter with my bestie Nishiyo it is time for me to spread my wings and leave the nest. So here it is, my very own blog, where I will gladly pester any and all about all the items I wear and blog, and well whatever tickles my fancy in the wonderful world of SL.


The main tool that I use for making my pictures is *drumroll* the firestorm viewer (is there a blogger that doesn’t?). Even though I love experimenting with WL settings, I always try to make sure that the WL I choose for my pictures have not too big an impact on the creations I am blogging.

I use very little photoshop, just to blur backgrounds and add a border. I choose not to do much editing in photoshop, because I believe in “WYSIWYG” (what you see is what you get). The pictures on my blog and flickr are exactly how you can see the items in SL.

How to contact me
In world by IM or NC : Aloriana77 Resident
By email : alorianashadowstar@yahoo.com


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