Itty bitty spider

Just one more day and a new round of The Gacha Guardians will start, this event is a so called instore event, meaning that the gacha machines will be located in the participating stores.

itty bitty spider

For this event Salt & Pepper created this amazing fantasy outfit that most definitely is not for the faint of heart so abtly named Arachnophilia. The spider legs that you see in the picture cannot be won by playing the gacha, but is given automatically with every 10th play of the machine. It is what so lovingly is called The Gift of the Guardian.

Now what you cannot see in my picture but is most definite there, is that you have the chance on winning a giant rideable spider from the gacha. It would be wrong for me to display the picture here, but if you go to the Flickr page of Salt & Pepper you can admire the beauties there. The picture that I am talking about is right here.

Well of course it is not all spidery goodness in this picture, as usual I am using my Maitreya body and a head from Catwa , this time I went back to the Tumble. As eyes I went back to…..surprise surprise IKONand once again went for the Sovereign Chocolate.

Now with such a strong fantasy theme I needed a skin that perfectly fits that theme, so it was a perfect opportunity to revisit one of my favorite fantasy skins from Nunu’s Skins & Shapes and once more use the Evike Dark Mist. Now as you know I do love tattoo’s they can be such beautiful addition to any look. Lucky for me when I was about to take this picture Carol G. just send out a new tattoo that will be available at The Crossroads Event called Cashmira. The hair is once again one of the lower complexity ones from Rezology, this time the Fishtail.


Spank my booty

Spank my booty, come on and spank my booty
Spank my booty, spank my booty real good

Spank, spank, spank, spank
Lords of Acid – Spank my booty

spank my booty

Another day another item from the Kinky Event. This time I choose to make a scene from Come Soon Poses called I show You 02 it is one of the three full scenes that you can get at the Kinky Event. I have several of their full scenes and happily used them in several of my blog posts. Be it wicked, silly, naughty or clean fun…chances are you will find the perfect scene for your picture at Come Soon Poses.

And as much fun as the scene is, just the empty scene can be a bit boring. So enter two sexy models, Anayla and myself. We are both wearing the Elowen set from Wicca’s Wardrobe, Now this amazing sexy set was in a gacha in an event in august…but don’t worry you can still get the outfit, only you will have to hop on over to Wicca’s Wardrobe mainstore and play the gacha there.

For skin we are both using a skin from Nunu’s Skins & Shapes, where Anayla uses the Alor that has been released not too long ago, I am using a brand spanking new skin that has been released a few days ago, named Anna. The level of detail that Nunu always puts in her skins is what has me absolutely fallen in love. Go ahead pick a demo or even send me an IM in world and I can model for you, so you can see for yourself the pores of the skin, how cute the freckles look.

As for the eyes, did you really expect us to wear something else than IKON? Where Anayla uses the Hope Emerald for this shoot I decided to use the Sovereign Chocolate. Both of us also choose to wear a mesh head from Catwa , where Anayla decided to use a static head Nicki I myself choose to use the regular head AnnaGrey. The last thing to mention is the hair, and here we completely differ, both using hair from a different designer. Anayla choose the Tommy from EMO-tions where I revisited an “old” and improved (lower complexity) hairstyle from Rezology, Sky 102

Kinky Pink

Another day another kink. As you might have guessed from the name of todays blog it still is mainly about the Kinky Event, I say mainly because of course there is more than just kink….or so I been told.

Kinky Pink

To start I have to make a mention about the hair from Rezology, the hairstyle that I am using here is not a new style, it is the Immolare. But what makes it special is that Rezology is currently in the proces of significantly lowering the complexity of their hair. Going from a complexity of 200k+ to around 1000.

Now of course as always the hair sits pretty on a Catwa head, still using the Tumble cause well let’s admit it, it is one gorgeous head! As eyes this time, surprise surprise, I am using IKON again, the Sovereign Ice. I think after finishing this blog I will head over there and buy some more eyes….a girl can never have to many looks after all.

As you came to expect by now I am again using the Vera skin from Nunu’s Skins & Shapes this time in the tone Peche. I simply have fallen in love with this skin, it looks so amazing with the Catwa head, and those dimples in the cheeks give just the nicest touch. Even though I am using the skin on the Tumble head here, if you have the Bibi head from Catwa I can only recommend trying this skin…the effect is just too darn cute!

To keep myself a little kinky I went back and put on the Wings Choker from Le Gtinch again. And I realized I might not have been to clear about it in my previous blog about these items. But all of them are scripted and work like a collar…the fun to be had……

Now we finally arrive at the first item from the Kinky Event in this picture. The sexy dress I am wearing is from [Cynful] and called Tangled Dress, The dress comes with a hud that allows you to change the colour of the dress, the outline and the straps, 20 different colour options for each part. Also….you can choose to have panties or not (from the hud) and well since the theme of this post is Kinky Pink you can guess what I choose…

The last item to mention today is the tattoo from identity Body Shop, and is called Heart Lock. Usually I go for the tattoos in black or white. but the colours in this one just work perfectly and look quite elegant.


What time it is? it is PLAYTIME ok ok I realize it is not the most catching thing I ever wrote here, but if you glance down at the picture I am sure you will understand why I used this title.


You see all those wonderful items at the Kinky Event.t just invite for some serious playtime. There is so much to see in this picture! All items in the scene are from the Kinky Event. We have the Playtime neon sign from Lybra, with just under that the Kinky Toy Shelf also from Lybra. On the other side we have the birch collection of kink from birch.

I have to give a special mention to the Ninette Spanking Chair from Roawenwood, not only does it come with a texture change hud, that allowes you to select 3 different textures for both the back and the seat, but the chair itself is loaded with animations. There are 30 animations for couples and 15 animations for singles. A chair that fits perfectly in any room of your house, and even though some of the menu options are a bit kinky personally I would still consider this chair PG.

Now on to the models! For this shoot I had someone help me out, Anayla is wearing the trinity head from LAQ , like me she is completely addicted to Maitreya so that is the body she uses. And because she can, she is wearing the sexy outfit from Wicca’s Wardrobe the Natane. Like me Anayla loves the eyes from IKONshe uses the Hope Emerald. To finish the look we have the hairstyle Anya from EMO-tions.

Which brings me to your oh so willing victom of this playtime. Again I am wearing a skin from Nunu’s Skins & Shapes is is the Vera in the tone Lumineux. I have not yet changed my head or my eyes, meaning I still happily use the Tumble head from Catwa and the Sovereign Passion from IKON. The hair is from ICONIC and is the Cheyenne style.In this picture I used the Essentials Bombshells pack which gives me 14 different colours!

The outfit I am wearing in this picture is of course also from the Kinky Event and is from [sYs] called Salem body. The last item in the picture is the fun little blindfold from {JAS} named Luna. The blindfold comes with a hud, so you can select 4 different text on it, in two colours. Just a nice little something to finish the look. Oh where you can get the blindfold? As you might have expected… the  Kinky Event.

Angel of Kink

In just a few days the Kinky Event will start, what that means is…well as the name suggest an event full of kinky stuff for you to browse and purchase. Of course when people here kinky they inmediately think about sex and/or erotica. But truly that is not -all- that kinky is about.

As a general term, kinky can refer to anything that is far-out, quirky, or offbeat. More specifically, this is a sexual term for acts that are a little odd, such as a foot fetish. There’s also kinky hair: hair with tight curls that is also called crisp, frizzy, and nappy. There’s isn’t any connection between kinky hair and the first two meanings of kinky. Words just mean different things, and no one knows exactly why.


So now we are clearer about the word kinky…that is what you can expect to find at the event, fair-out, offbeat, quirky and yes even fizzy hair! Now honestly, unless this is the first time you seen a picture of me or read my blog….can it surprise anyone that I chose the erotic meaning of Kinky for my first picture of this event?

To start nice and slow, we start with the pose is from Real Poses, Pack 19 to be exact which is of course available at the Kinky Event. In this pack you will find 5 poses, and believe me this is a set you will definitely want for your collection.

The skin I am using is one you definite have seen before, it is the Vera in tone Lumineuxx from Nunu’s Skins & Shapes. But the big difference from the previous time I blogged this skin is this…….you can actually buy it now, yep that is right the skin has been released!

Now if we go from top to bottom I have to of course mention the new hair I just bought today from EXxEsS I just love how the hair flows, how it has that little breeze effect that makes your hair come alive. But of course no matter how pretty the hair is, we do not want floating hair, so I am once again using the Tumble head from Catwa.

Next thing we see is the blindfold, the Cup of Tears from Le Grinch, whom I am very proud to say decided to sponsor me. It are actually the items from Le Gtinch in this picture that inspired the entire theme of the picture. Le Grinch provided the kink for this picture, with the Pendulum Piercings the Wings Choker and the blindfold that I mentioned earlier.

My Angel of Kink is all but complete now, just one item is left…something every Angel needs to have….or strives to gain. You guessed it, my wings. For this picture I used the Wisdom Angel wings from Astralia, who were a rare prize from a gacha.

Golden Girl

No I am not Blanche, Dorothy, Sophia or even Rose but still right now I consider myself a Golden Girl. Of course as soon as you glance at the picture you can see why I call myself that right now.

Golden Girl

The gorgeous outfit that I am wearing is from Promagic, it used to be on a fair..used to be as in the fair closed now. But no worries, I just chekced their mainstore and the gacha has moved from the fair to there. So if you are interested in getting this outfit, all you need to do is head over and play the Slutty – gacha.

For the skin I been a bit naughty, I “liberated” a work in progress from Nunu’s Skins & Shapes a skin she is working hard on and will be released soon called Anna. But no worries even though you cannot get this wonderful skin yet, I encourage you to head on over to her store and go look at her skin Vera. You can see in my previous posts how amazing that skin looks.

I have said it before the combination of Nunu’s Skins & Shapes and Catwa is a match made in heaven. See how I did that, how I sneakily went from talking about the skin to the mesh head  I am using?! The head I am wearing currently is one of the latest ones from Catwa it is the AnnaGrey.

Of course when I set out to make this picture it was a perfect excuse for me to go shopping again, and I once again found myself at EXxEsS and bought a new hairstyle there. Well at least a new one for me the Celina. Almost having my look ready for the picture I had in mine, just a few things are missing.

There is of course the mesh body, and as always I use the Maitreya body here, last thing to do and that is select what eyes from IKON to use this time. After trying on several eyes I settled for the Sovereign Passion.

All set to go there is just one more thing, a good scene a nice surrounding to make the picture. And since I was feeling a little wicked there was really one place that came to mind, and that was the wonderful sim Serein. Please visit this sim, wander and explore, discover the different photo opportunities, all the hidden spots both sweet and naughty. Then grab yout significant other(s) and go and “relax” in the Serein Club.

Here I almost ended my post, and once more forgetting a very important aspect of the picture I was making, and that is the light. The lightning in this picture is due to LUMIpro, a lighting system that I think is a necesity for everyone that is into making SL pictures.


I would almost forget that On9 is already in full swing, yet another event filled with amazing goodies for us fashion addicts. The event is until the 28th of this month.


In this blog you will see two items from Wicca’s Wardrobe, first there is the romper Melinda that is available right now at On9. And then there are the gorgeous Fleur boots that are the prize at this month’s Midnight Madness. Lovely boots that will go great with any look you are trying to create. You should definite pay close attention to the texture on the boots and you will be able to see why the boots are named like this.

Changing it up a bit from my previous picture, I am still using a head by Catwa but this time I used Bibi. I wanted to see how the dimples from the Vera skin from Nunu’s Skins & Shapes looked combined with the soft cute roundness of the Bibi head….and as I expected it honestly is cuteness overload. To me the combination of Nunu’s Skins & Shapes and Catwa is a match made in heaven.

Doing some more shopping I ended up at Collabor88 where I got this hairstyle Xia from Little Bones. And *gasp* I changed my eyes….well a little bit of course they are still from IKON but this time the Sovereign Chocolate to keep the nice colourscheme I have going on.