Look what Santa got me!

Anyone who has followed my blog or has seen some of my pictures, will agree that there is no chance I would ever make it to Santa’s nice list, so I made it my personal goal to top his naughty list……and boy I think I need to do so again!

Look what Santa got me

So all in this picture are gifts, so yes boys and girls being naughty definitely pays off! In the background my pretty unicorn named Betsy is from Dictatorshop now even though Betsy was not a gift itself I did go and get her using a giftcard I got from my dear friend Pleasur.

My next pressie was given to me by the oh so talented creator of uh-oh the lovely Olvia, she knows how much of a diva I tend to be, and how I can go overboard with looks be it skins, or mesh bodies/heads/hairs et cetera. So she gifted me a lovely innocent skin from VCO.

Now lastly and most certainly not least, there is one more gift in this picture and that is the outfit from Candy Kitten  that I am wearing named Very Naughty Christmas Angel. And yes I do consider all the wonderful creations that I receive to blog a gift ♥

Aloriana is wearing:
Mesh head : Catwa – Bibi
Mesh body : Belleza– Freya
Head applier : VCO– Rinco Catwa 002
Body applier : VCO– Pale (omega)
Body shape : custom
Hair : Truth – Scout
Outfit : Candy Kitten – Very Naughty Christmas Angel
Hands : Vista – Bento mesh hands
Nais : Gorgeous Dolls – Slay
Light : LUMIPro


The pretty present

Another post where I am hinting at being a Christmas present? Yep you better believe it, it is simply that time of the year and I am arrogant enough to think that I would make the perfect present any time of year!

The prety present

Of course it is also that just before I went out to make this picture I was able to spend some time with my dear friend Pleasur Chἶcellἶ who is an amazing photographer and an amazing woman. Well we were exchanging some Christmas gifts so that once again got me in the mood of giving.

Now when I think of Christmas and then to be more exact about Christmas colours, red and white are what immediate come to mind, and it is exactly these two colours that I wanted to incorporate in my picture. For the white, I am using two creations. There is the oh so seasonal Bright II from [White~Widow] that will be available real soon at The Kinky Event.

And to give it a mmmmm kinky touch, I dug deep into my inventory and found these Evva Body Corset Piercings from the good people at Real Evil. Now for the needed redness in this picture I made use of the Puppet Skybox from Sari Sari. Which is honestly a big prop, with several puppeteer related bento poses.

Oh, the weather outside is frightful,


Oh, it doesn’t show signs of stopping,
And I’ve brought some corn for popping.
The lights are turned way down low,
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

This is the one time I think where I can quote part of a song and there will definite not be a need for credits, is there anyone alive on our planet who does not know this song? And if there is……..shame on you!

And does it really come as a surprise by now that the outfit I am wearing is from Candy Kitten? This sexy set is called Merry Kissmas and whilst you might not realize it at first glance, it is a very naughty outfit indeed. This is one of the outfits from Candy Kitten that has the so called get naked. What that means? It means that you have the options to allow others to strip you……now people can click all they want, the choice is ultimately yours. Will you be the eye candy, or will you be the Kissmas present?

The weather outside is frightful

So here I am in another Christmas inspired creation, which of course gives me the task and inspiration to look for either a Christmas or a Winter inspired sim to take my picture at. And as luck has it, I was able to find an amazing landscaped sim that I just have to share with you all! The picture was taken at D.O.X. head on over there and visit, I promise you will not be disappointed.

Aloriana is wearing:
Mesh head : Laq – Neve
Mesh body : Maitreya – Lara
Head applier : Laq – Neve Tone 02
Body applier : Laq – Tone 02
Head shape : Laq – Neve
Body shape : custom
Outfit : Candy Kitten – Merry Kissmas
Light : LUMIPro
Pose : Foxcity – Numb

A criminally good cookie

There are times where I just cannot win for losing, here I was slaving away in the kitchen to make some gingerbread treats for everyone, and it seems I have done too good a job of it. Who would have known that making a cookie “criminally good”  is an actual offense?

A criminally good cookie

So here I am still dressed in my apron from Candy Kitten  with the oh so proper name Lets bake some gingerbread. And baking some gingerbread is just what I did, and see where it landed me…in jail! Didn’t even get to finish munching my cookie 😦

Talk about jail…if you enjoy making pictures there is a chance that you from time to time use a backdrop. And just as I was wondering where to take a picture today I was given a landmark to Backdrop City. Wonderful place where you are allowed to rezz your  props or light and use one of the many themed backdrops there to make your picture. The jail you see me in on that picture can be found right there.

Heeeere’s Mrs Santa!

A collaboration can lead to wonderful things, as this picture proves, the outfit I am wearing is a collaboration between Salt & Pepper and Essenz that together make this wonderful outfit that is sure to make good ole Santa drool.

heeeere's Mrs Santa

Who made what? Well the sexy dress has been created by Salt & Pepper and is called Holly the ever so sexy boots are called Antartica and have been made by Essenz. Of course both the dress as well as the boots come with a hud, that allow you to change the colour of the item as well as switch to a regular or latex look.

And I must have been a good girl cause these two amazing items can be found in this month’s Bound Box.

Your gift is under the tree

Well since it is Christmas season, can you blame me for sneaking in a few posts this month that are very very loosely Christmas related? I didn’t think so.

Your gift is under the tree

And you would not expect it but there are actually several new things to mention in this picture. For example there is the new tattoo from [White~Widow] named Scarface that is available right now at The Kinky Event.

And of course I make the perfect gift on any season, but especially around Christmas time people deserve as much gifts as possible, and it seems that the good people from +Half-Deer+ were thinking the same thing, cause they created this wonderful Christmas Décor Set that you can find at Collabor88.

The pose that I used for this picture comes from eTc Poses and is Laying 24.

All tangled up

Have you ever had that happen to you? All set up to decorate your Christmas tree only to discover that all your Christmas lights are all tangled up, so what to do, buy new ones or set to the task if untangling the mess. Since I do not want to buy new lights every day, I decided to try and untangle….only to find myself tangled in them!

All tangled up

And you would not have guessed it, but in this picture I am actually wearing three new things. First item is a completely FREE one, yep that is right consider it an early Christmas gift from eXxEsS the so aptly named X-mas 2017 Gift.

If we go down a little farther we will find a fun new creation from Candy Kitten  which has also been the major inspiration for this picture…the Sexy xmas lights now don’t ask me how I managed to get tangled up in them and they still work, I am just talented that way.

Last and most certainly not least, we have this fun little set from uh-oh the Rudolf pasties and panties. And you have to admit are these not just the most cute things you have ever seen? Perfect for this picture…perfect to wear on Christmas eve when you make yourself that purrfect present.