Kitten wanna play

Just one more day and you can get your kink on at the Kinky Event, and this is definite the event where Santa will buy his goodies from for everyone on his naughty list. But honestly if you see what all is available at this event, who would ever want to be on the nice list? Definite not me! And as you can tell from the picture “kitten wanna play!

Kitten wanna play

So much to see here, so let’s just start. First of all there are the basics. for this picture I am again using my Belleza Isis body and a customized shape to give me a bit more curves, which I think worked out just perfect for this picture. The pretty little head in this picture is the Dyana from Catwa , the eyes have again been supplied by KON , the Triumph Electric and I must say I just love how these eyes simply draw attention.

For skin I once more went for one of Nunu’s Skins & Shapes again I selected the Danielle but this time in the tone Lumineux. And as soon as I was ready like that, Carol G. appeared and laid claim to my skin, and created a most wonderful tattoo named Delt that is available at the Kinky Event. The hair in this photo is again a reduced complexity one from Rezology, this time the Allure. And I must say,, I love seeing a designer/creator that takes the time to update their older work as well.

Now to get in this sexy pose I have had a little help, in this case the help came from .Birch who are at the Kinky Event with this wonderful Mercy Ottoman. I know you cannot see it too well, but believe me this is definite one fun item that you want to have. It is loaded with 20 very fun and sensual poses, and I foresee myself using this prop for quite some time to come.

Now one thing you cannot miss in this picture is the mark I am wearing, BackBone is present at the Kinky Event with two styles of mask. There is the Leather Crow Mask and of course the Leather Cat Mask that I am wearing in this picture. And admit it….wearing a mask like that, doesn’t it transform me into a kitten that you just have to pet to see how much I can purr?

One of the last things in this picture, and the last thing (for now) from the Kinky Event is the sexy Hurricane Latex Bodysuit from Luas with matching Hurricane Cuffs. Now the outfit also comes with a blindfold, but I choose to not use it for this picture and grab the Cat Mask instead. Last but most certainly not least, we have an item that is not from the Kinky Event but is actually store-bought quite some time ago at N-core.

Ok this is the last thing I am writing for now, I promise. But I cannot end this post without giving proper credits to the wonderful sim Serein. An amazing adult themed sim, perfect to wander around with that special someone, or as I like to do…make pictures. The picture for this blog has been taken at the Serein Club. The sim is open to all, but to enter the club you need to become group member for a small fee, very worth it in my opinion.


Setting the tree

It is sneaking up on us, even when Christmas is still almost a month away and over here in The Netherlands Sinterklaas has yet to arrive, everywhere you look you can already see the Chhristmas decorations in the shops….and the first people are setting their Christmas tree.

Setting the tree

Upon receiving this wonderful coat Sophie from Salt & Pepper and of course the fact that it is available right now at the Tannenbaum event, I just have to combine the two. For all of you not familiar with the german language, Tannenbaum is the tree most often used as Chrtistmas tree, and has been immortalized in severeral songs.

As  you can see this luxurious coat Sophie makes a perfect outfit all on it’s own…nice, warm, soft….perfect to wear whilst decorating the tree, and then to surprise your special someone by slipping out of it as the job is done (or when taking a break) *grins*.

Now as we came to expect from Salt & Pepper the coat comes in nine different colours and has a hud included the belt. buckle and optional top. Of course you can always just go for the fatpack so you have all the colours, not only that, with the fatpack you have the ability to mix all the fur and leather colours as well. This coat (which is an outfit all on it’s own) is available for Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique & Hourglass, Belleza Isis & Freya.

In this picture I am using the Isis version of the coat, because well you guessed it, I switched back to my Belleza Isis body. Now the wonderful Danielle skin from Nunu’s Skins & Shapes is just perfect, this time I used the Lumineux skin tone and applied the Winterblush option, to give the effect of that cute winterblush.

And hey, elves and Christmas just belong together, so also for this picture I had the perfect excuse to keep wearing my wonderful sylvan ears from BentBox, not that I honestly need an excuse for it anyways. Last thing to mention about my look for this picture, has to be the mesh eyes from IKON , the Sovereign Ice

Black is the new black

I never understand it when people say “40 is the new 30”  or “orange is the new black”. What is wrong with the old black? I tell you what is wrong with it….absofreakinglutely nothing! Therefor Black is the new black!

Black is new black

Having said that, and with this picture you can without a doubt tell why I am of this opinion. The wonderful outfit I am wearing in this picture is called Gemma from Wicca’s Wardrobe available at Enchantment. The outfit consists of the pants and the jacket. Now when you are at the Enchantment looking for this amazing outfit make sure to pick up the free gift that is there. It is not in this picture, but you will love it I am sure!

This time I am using my Maitreyabody again with of course a mesh head from Catwa , the Dyana. As for the eyes I once more use the eyes from IKON, the Sovereign Ice. I have the mesh eye system and have used it before and honestly do like it. But to me, and yes I know it is very personal, I still prefer my IKON mesh eyes. To me they just look better.

Now since I purposedly made this picture quite black (clothes as well as background) I desperately needed something for the contrast, and I found that in two things. First of there is the Anna skin in the colour Peche from Nunu’s Skins & Shapes and then there is the dark red hair from EXxEsS the Senuna.

I like my coffee fresh

Coffee has to be fresh, not from a vending machine and most surely not reheated coffee. So today in my traveling across the wonderful sims that make up SecondLife, I came upon this scene….sacks loaded in the back of a bike..and could it be? Fresh coffee?!

Fresh Coffee

So shall we begin with what all I am wearing in this picture? To begin with I switched back to my body from Maitreya. And even though I use a Catwa mesh head again, it is one I have not used for quite some time. I am using the Bibi head, that gives such a sweet and innocent look that people could make a case that I should not be allowed to use that head. As for the eyes, I again went for some of my favorite mesh eyes from IKON , the lovely brown Sovereign Chocolate.

The gorgeous locks that I have in this product are the result of the Va Va Volume from Rezology. And here is the big shocker for many of you, the skin that I am using right now is the Adeline from DS’ ELLES. I tell you that lady is so incredible talented, not only does she make great skins (as you can see in this picture) but she also has a wide range of props and poses. And her flickr stream……works of art!

Now there is only one thing to mention, and that is this amazing outfit called Debbie from Wicca’s Wardrobe currently for sale at On9. You can get this outfit for Belleza (Isis, Freya, Venus) Maitreya, TMP as well the standard sizes for mesh. It is such a simple outfit, but the eye for detail that went into making it, does make it quite special.


I am blessed with some very talented friends who are always more than willing to decorate my land for me, but there are times that I think “Well I can do some myself”  so there I am climbing the ladder wearing my high heeled boots, and don’t you just know that I completely forgot the decorations?


So let’s see what is all to see here going from the top, first we have one of the new hairstyles from EXxEsS the Mermelada. I do love the hairstyles from EXxEsS as you most likely can tell by now, especially the styles that are both materials enabled (for the shine) and have the so called “breeze”  which make some strands of hair move, as if a breeze blows through your hair.

It might not come as a surprise that I am using one of the amazing heads from Catwa again, though this time it is one that I have not used for quite some time. It is the exclusive version of the Amelie head. The combination of the mesh head from Catwa  and the amazing skins from Nunu’s Skins & Shapes in this case I again used the Danielle in the Peche skintone. And I do so love how the winterblush effect looks on that skin.

It goes without speaking these days that I am using my sylvan ears from BentBox I simply adore how they look, the movement, the ways to customize the look (skin, tattoos, piercing) definite one of my very favorites. When you think of it, it is amazing that as far as I know not more skin makers make an applier for BentBox, considering it is omega. But luckily Nunu’s Skins & Shapes is kind enough to make them.

The next thing that to me stands out is the wonderful tattoo from Carol G. that is available right now at the Mesh Body Addicts called Hippopotamus. Once more Carol has delivered a very delicate tattoo that simply draws the eye. Talking about eyes, once more I found myself using a pair of mesh eyes from Ikon, for some reason I still prefer the “old fashioned”  mesh eyes over the hud system you can get now. Well I guess you will just have to believe me on my word when I say I am using eyes from IKON cause I just realize I snapped the picture just as I was blinking.

You can almost stop reading, just three more items to mention. First of there is the wonderful dress from Pixicat, the Night Dress in latex.  The boots that you can just see in this picture are from Phedora the Desdemona.


I so so so deserve a spanking, doing some house keeping on the folder that stores all my pictures I suddenly find a few that I was sure I had blogged…..but as it turns out to be I completely forgotten. Lucky for me the event where I got the wonderful outfit from is still going on, so I am not -that- late.


So with some delay I finally am showing you the wonderful Kasdeya outfit from Wicca’s Wardrobe, currently available at the Gacha Garden. Even though I am lucky enough to be wearing all the rares in this picture, do not worry if the gachas seem to hate you, the common items are quite incredible as well. Now if you look really careful, you can see me wearing something that is quite rare….that’s right I am wearing a handbag! It is the Seed of Inspiration prize from Wicca’s Wardrobe at the Gacha Garden.

Still am using my Maitreya body in this body with the Tumble head from Catwa . For skin I am revisiting one of the amazing skins from Nunu’s Skins & Shapes in this case the Danielle. I simply adore all the hard work that Nunu  puts in her skins, all the details that are there . For example the winter blush that comes with the hud, three intensities of a blush that give such an incredible cute effect.

The outfit from Wicca’s Wardrobe is so complete that I just needed very little to accessorize this time. In this case I used the Regina nails from Astralia.


It was the night before,
When all through the world,
No words, no dreams
Then one day,
A writer by a fire
Imagined all of Gaia
Took a journey into a child-man’s heart

“Storytime” by Nightwish


I know I know I am late with my pictures, but there is still time, if you run to Salt & Pepper you will have still time to get this limited edition of the Sylvia dress for Midnight Madness. You have until Saturday midnight (tonight!). It’s time sensitive , cause this edition won’t be available after this weekend anymore. And as you can see this is not something you want to miss out on.

Apart from this amazing free dress from Salt & Pepper (hurry!) there is of course more to see in this picture, for example one of the lowered complexity hairstyles from Rezology,. in this picture I am using Boho Bonnie. And won’t you believe it, I am actually using a different head from Catwa for this picture, that is right right now I am using Destiny again.

For some reason I am on an elven kick, trying for an elven look in my pictures where I can, and in this case, a gorgeous fantasy themed sim called StoryBrook GardensI fitted right in. Of course being an elf was the perfect reason to wear my sylvan ears again from BentBox  In my vision most elves are fair skinned, for me that quickly tanslates to using the Peche tone from one of the skins from Nunu’s Skins & Shapes in this case I am once more using the recently released Danielle I know you all have seen this skin on my several times before….and you will see it often still I promise!

Still using the Maitreya Lara body, and if you think I have a few more curves now than I usally have, you are right. I am wearing a custom made shape, made by my dear friend Destiny.