In my secret garden

As I stated several times I so enjoy walking around in SecondLife exploring and enjoying the wonderful creations that can be found. And today was no difference, after (too) long a time I again visited Mystic Tinbers and once there I found this “secret garden”, I will not tell you exactly where it is found, you will have to go out and explore the sim for it!

My Secret Garden

As you can tell from the picture this location was just perfect for the outfit that I am wearing, a new creation from Luas called Kaysa that is available at the current round of Kinky Event.


Take me

The name of this picture is taken from one of the items that I am wearing here, and yes I know how hard it is to believe, as naked as I am there are still several items that I just have to point out to you

Take me

The majority from the items are from the current round of Kinky Event, but not everything is from there, so shall we start at the top again? Again I am using a hair from  [NYNE] that is available right now at Boho Culture Fair called Kottle. Next on the list is the first item available at the current round of  Kinky Event and it is also the item that gives this post the name, it is a collar/leash combination called Take me Leash from ::GB::.

Next what is so very very visible is a new tattoo from Queen of Ink called Rawr Monster and with a name like that, even without having seen it, I knew this had to be the centerpiece of this picture, I mean…it is called Rawr Monster how could I resist that?

Moving a bit farther down (and no sense trying to peek, the bits are covered!) you see the next item from Kinky Event the thigh harness from -Narcisse- called Sabrina Thigh Hartness.

At a loss for a name

I am drawing a blank again, staring at the picture and no meaningfull name for this post comes to mind, so how about we skip the entire name thing and I just tell you what all I amw earing/using in this picture, cause there is a lot!

At a loss for a name

If we start at the top the first thing we encounter is the new hair by  [NYNE] that is available right now at Boho Culture Fair right now. The style is called Kottle. Next creation that you can see is from [White~Widow] it is a brand new tattoo called Burning Tattoo that can be found at the current round of the Kinky Event.

The outfit that I am wearing in this picture is also from Kinky Event it is a sexy creation from Moon Elixir called Sugar baby. Lucky for me I received the fatpack (I so recommend getting that one!) with the hud you can change the colour of the different parts that this outfit is made up of, like in my case a festive Christmas inspired look.

The very last item I wish to mention is the backdrop I used, it is again a creation of [NYNE] the Front Door Backdrop you can get it for a little longer at Cosmopolitan  but I have full faith it will be available at the mainstore after that/

Be carefull “trick or treating”

Can you believe I actually had to look up when Halloween is? It is one of those things that just not qutie made it across the ocean, over here in Dutchland it is not really celebrated (though it is slowly on the rise). So todays post, can be either perfectly timed or…..just in time, depends on how you look at it.

Be careful trick or treating

The creation in this picture is one from  Candy Kitten it is the Sweet Halloween and before you ask “yes the doll comes with the outfit”. Now if you know Kaci a bit, you know she can have a devious mind….considering that this outfit comes complete but… panties you can only imagine what she thinks the treat could be.

Let there be …Unicorns!

So I received a new outfit from Candy Kitten called Unicorn Princess Dress and you just know with a name like that what the theme of my picture and this post would be. and what girl does not love a unicorn?!

Let there be...Unicorns!

Now I already told you the name of the dress and who made it, but not yet where to get it and that is at the current round of Sense. But now if you look real good at the picture you will notice the cute little collar I am wearing, the Daddys Girl also from Candy Kitten that you can find right now at On9.

One more thing I have to mention before I can return to playing with my unicorn friends is to mention the hairstyle that I wear in this picture. It is the style Melodia from eXxEsS.

Kinky kitty, or……

…or am I perhaps a beloved girl who does what Daddy says? I know it can get very confusing, then of course one does not necesarily exclude the other now does it?

Kinky kitty, or......

Since we are slowly getting closer to Halloween I decided to slip into yet another costume from Candy Kitten, this one  is called Kinky Kitty, and even though the outfit might be very yummy….remember it is not the outfit that makes you kinky (just like it isn’t the jeans fault…..).

With that Kitty outfit I knew I wanted to have a little fun witht hat, being a good little kitten a good little pet. Good thing Short Leash had the same idea, and released this Beloved Pet Bed at the XXX Event.

Patient Zero

I do so love horror movies, and if you have ever watched any of them you know that the Apocalyps Always starts with just one person, one person who gets bitten or has an accident and then BOOM. Often they name this person patient zero.

Patient Zero

And that is basically the inspiration for todays picture, I kept it grainy on purpose, hopefully giving the look and feel of you watching an image of a security monitor, seeing someone or something rise and thinking “oh crap!”.

Now to put this picture together I needed a few items two of which are from  [NYNE] there is the backdrop that I am using called Hospital Room Backdrop that is available right now at The Chapter Four. The marks on my body are also from  [NYNE] and are called Full Bloody Body and can be found right now at The Secret Affair.

Last thing to mention is the pose I used in this picture, it is one of the sets from Bauhaus Movement and ironically enough it is perfect in theme with a name like Apocalypse Sunrise. This specific pose set you can get right now at the Pose Fair.