Do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do!

doe, a deer, a female deer
(Re!) ray, a drop of golden sun
(Mi!) me, a name I call myself
(Fa!) far, a long, long way to run
(So!) sew, a needle pulling thread
(La!) la, a note to follow so
(Ti!) tea, a drink with jam and bread
That will bring us back to do oh oh oh

I love exploring sims and see what wonderful places there are that I can take pictures at, but I also do enjoy using backdrops. And if I want to go look at some nice fun backdrops I head on over to Backdrop City. And that’s where I found this cute Teachers Scene from ionic. So yeah seeing this fun little backdrop it was clear to me,t hat of couse this entire post had to be a twist on singing, on singing lessons. And as we all know the best away to learn your do. re, mi… from Sound of Music. *sighs* a shame there were no alps visible through the window that would make it just perfect.

Do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do!

There are actually a few things about this picture besides the backdrop that I would like to draw your attention to, so lets start at the top once again. We begin with the hair from Stealthic named Passion, and it has been a long time but I bought a new head again from Catwa and have fallen absolutely in love with it, the head I used for this picture is the brand new Denice. To me this head just gives such cute and soft look, absolutely adorable.

As far as my outfit goes, this time I picked the Nourni outfit from Horntail the outfit is available right now at the mainstore as a gacha, and if you missed this outfit at the event t was on, you definite want to head on over to the mainstore and try your luck, cause as you can see it is just tooo darn cute!


I mentioned it before that one of the hardest things for me to do, is to come up with a name for my posts, but luckily there are Always others whose brains I can pick, I sneak up to them… them the picture and demand “First thing that comes to mind” and voila a name for the post is born!


The outfit I am wearing is the Akemo from Horntail it was available as a gacha item at the Harajuku Event last month, but right now you can go over to the mainstore and get it there.  I am pretty sure it goes without saying, but let me say it aniways else you might go to the store and say that I never said so, so is why I am saying it…errrrr what was I saying? Ah yes….you can get the Akemo at the mainstore now by playing the gacha there!

It’s a kind of magic

If you happen to enjoy the different events and fairs in SecondLife as I do, you will have noticed there is a magic themed fair going on right now. And even though the items in the following picture are not from this event, the event did inspire me to make a bit magical themed photo.

A kind of magic

So knowing I wanted to make a picture with a little bit of magic in it, I was looking around until I found what to me is just the perfect backdrop, this one is from Focus Poses, I wish I could give you the name of it, but all that I can see in that regards is Photo Booth. Now the next item in this picture that I want to point out, or ratheritems are from Candy Kitten.

Now for the dress you will have to head on over to the Sense event, and look for the Adelle dress. The boots and stockings I am wearing are from Candy Kitten as well and are named Naughty Wish Stockings and Heels which neatly brings us back to the magic theme of this picture. Wearing an outfit like this, I am sure you can make a few wishes and people are very eager to fulfill them for you. And here I almost forgot to tel you where to get the stockings, for these you will have to conjure yourself to The Fetish Fair

Current mood….

Well not really, I am feeling happy and bubbly but when I was walking around my platform with backdrops I once again found this little jewel from Foxcity and instead of waiting till my mood fitted the scenery….I decided to use it right away.

Current mood

Now in this picture you can find two creations from [NYNE] the first one is the new hairstyle named Dabur that you can get right now in the mainstore. The second outfit is the sexy little outfit called Heart Bodysuit but for this sexy little item you will have to go to the current round of The Fetish Fair.

One of the reasons I like this bodysuit so much (besides it looking deliciously wicked) is that with the hud you can not only change the colour of the suit, but also the gloss and opacity. And especially the opacity is fun, if you feel daring you can make the suit very see through! though as you can see I opted to go for the more modest look.

Pink, pink allllllll pink

We are once again at a point where I draw a complete blank at naming a post, I really am pondering just naming them Post 1 Post 2 etcetera or the LOTD # you seem so often. So I hope you will fortive me the unoriginal name.

Pink, pink allllll pink

But as you can see from the picture the name is kinda fitting, considering the amount of pinkness in the picture. The outfit I am wearing is from Luas called Abigail and is available right now at the current round of The Kinky Event.

Room with a view

I will admit there is as good as no creativity int he name of this post, but as you can tell from the picture itself, the name does fit the content.

Room with a view

There are two things about this picture that I want to point out to you all, to begin there is the backdrop from [NYNE] called Farm Room that you can get right now at Vanity Event. And even though the background is a room, as you can see I focused especially on the window to show the stunning view. Don’t you just wish you could gaze out of your window and have a view like that?

Now the next item you will have to go to one of my favorite events for The Kinky Event the dress that I am wearing is from Sweet Kajira and is named Hearts. A perfect little number for valentines.

Leash Laws

“Leash laws are strictly enforced” that is what the sign said, but sheeesh leaving a girl leashed for hours when you go shopping is so not nice! Here I am leashed to the sign in front of a store and hours later still am leashed *sniffles* Have I been abandoned?

Leash Laws

Well I guess I deserve to be leashed and left for the night, after all the deadline to post this item has almost gone. So….either you dash over real quick to The Man Jail Event or you will have to wait a little longer and buy it at the mainstore. If you decide to head over to the event, the item you want to look for is the Obedient Pet Hitch which as you can see is also perfect to teach your less obedient pets a lesson.

The creation is one of the latest releases from Short Leash the picture has been taken just right outside the store on the new sim. And you definite want to visit the sim, as much fun as it is shopping at Short Leash the store itself is just a small part of a sim dedicated to the BDSM community perfect to explore and meet likeminded people.


I think everyone has those days where you feel like you simply have no energy whatsoever and all you want to do is nap. And today is such a day for me, it is grey and dreary outside and that so does not help me!


But as you can see I did find the energy to make a picture, and it is clear what’s on my mind right now…. “NAPTIME!”. Now before I drift off completely I better tell you about a few of the creations in this picture. Believe it or not….as sweet and innocent as this picture seems to be, the items are actually from The Kinky Event.

To begin there is the “sweat dress” from Asteria called Misha.  Now besides the sweater dress the outfit also comes with a choker and a garter, as you can see from the picture I choose not to use the garter, The reason I am not using the garter is the second item from The Kinky Event being a new tattoo from [White~Widow] named Vice.

Leaving the club…

If you ever seen my Flickr or read my blog you will have realized that I do enjoy the naughtier things in life. So it cannot come as a surprise to learn that I do enjoy visting the naughtier clubs in the wonderful world called SecondLife.

leaving the club

And that is the theme of this picture, entering the club alone, and leaving with a cute pet! There are a few things in this picture that I want to point out, to begin there is the leash holder called Loyalty Leashed Retractable Leash r from Short Leash this item was the group gift of november and can still be found in the mainstore.

I am pretty sure your eyes have been drawn to the outfit I am wearing, nice and kinky just perfect for clubbing…well at least for those special kind of clubs. The outfit I am wearing in this picture has been made by Niu called Dita bondage, this sexy little outfit is for sale right now at The Kinky Event

Ready player One? HECK NO!

Now I have to admit I have not seen the movie at all (yet) but from the title I just have to assume it is related to computer gaming. However I can imagine that there would be a point where you hear “Ready player One?” and you just think…..”Oh heck no I need a break!”.

Ready player one?....HECK NO!

What the outfit has to do with that theme, well absolutely nothing! In this picture you see two creations by [NYNE], firs tthere is the new hairstyle named Serotta that you can find at ON9 right now. The outfit I am wearing is also from [NYNE] and is called Bodysuit Heart. And I have to tell you something about these clothes, or perhaps I already done and simply cannot remember.

The outfit does come with a hud, and as you come to expect with the hud you can change the colour of the outfit, but there is more. You can set the shinyness of your outfit and here is the thing that I absolutely love, you can change the Alpha level of the outfit, which in this case means you can decide if and how transparant the outfit will be. So it can go from “solid” as I am wearing right now to completely see through.