To get good grades

The schools have started again (well they have been for a month) and we are all working hard to get good grades again. But there are so many ways to get your grades up, of course you could spend lots of time in the library, but that takes up so much time better spend to party!


As you can see I decided to follow a different route, why study hard when I can go straight to the source of good grades…by becoming the teachers pet, and part of being the teachers pet of course means you have to follow the teachers rule.


Not following rules of course leads to discipline…..which admittedly can be fun all on it;’s own as you can see in this picture. And isn’t it ironic that just as I am bend over the desk I am wearing panties telling teach just what to do? Of course it is all part of a new outfit called Teacher’s Pet from Candy Kitten that is available right now at The Redlight District.


Of course a good teacher does not just discipline when a student has been naughty, but there should also be rewards when they are good *ponders* or is that reward for when the student tis very naughty?


As you can see from the pictures above, all of them were taking in the same setting, I used the Teacher’s Pet set from Short Leash, which is available right now at The Redlight District. It is a gacha set, but sooo worth playing for, just look at the pictures above and imagine the fun RP sessions you can have with it!


Eyes up here!

Ok making a picture like this I guess it is my own fault if there are some wandering eyes, but *snaps her fingers* Eyes up here and pay attention!

Eys up here

There is not that much to tell about this picture, well just two things. First there is the tattoo called Replicas from [White~Widow] that is available as of the 20th at DUBAI EVENT.  And where I usually wear a longer hairstyle I wanted something different, spice it up a bit, so after several hours of trying on different hairstyles I finally picked the Gin from eXxEsS for this picture.

Lending a helping hand

Making a picture together with someone is always such fun, especially when that person is as gorgeous and talented as my friend Tali Dagger.

Lending a hepling hand

And even though this was just about having some good ole fun, I did ask Tali if she minded if I used the picture for my blog. Cuz, well if you are able to draw your eyes away from all the yumminess that is Tali, you might notice the outfit that I am wearing. It is the creation from Luas called Taylor and is available at The Kinky Event right now.

This kitten has claws

Oh man I have to admit once again I am way behind with my post, this post was supposed to appear at the beginning of the XXX Event, but I definitely missed that deadline.  But all is not lost because this item will soon be for sale at the mainstore of Short Leash.

This kitten has claws 1

This post is all about the Love Hurts Spanking Bench from Short Leash. And as you can see from the first picture, for this once I decided I wanted to be the spanker and not the spankee….even though getting spanked can be suuuuch fun.

This kitten has claws 2

As you can see from the first two pictures, the bench has a fun selection of animations (fun for two!) that are all about spankings *yay*. Now the bench does offer a bit more than fun animations, there is the option to change the look of it, so you can make it fit in whatever surrounding you have. As in my case I made it nice pink and girly!

This kitten has claws 3

Now of course every good spanking should end with aftercare and the good people Short Leash have definitely not forgotten about that. Now in order not to get completely squished, I had to change positions a bit… after giving him a spanking I was also the one getting a nice rubdown… is good!

Bouncy bouncy bouncy

Where usually I am so very late with posts due to alotofreallygoodreasonsbutIcannotthinkofone, this time I am nice and early. The outfit in the picture below will be available at the upcoming Ultra event that starts September 15th.

bouncy bouncy bouncy

The outfit I am showing in this picture is the Your Sugar from Candy Kitten, and as mentioned before it will be available at the Ultra Event as of September 15th, so you will have to wait a bit longer to get it. Now this is one of those creations you definite want to go and get the fatpack of, with the hud that comes with the fatpack you can change the colour and print of both the top and the skirt, thus changing it depending on your mood or how cute you want to be!

Now wearing a outfit as playful as that I wanted to make a playful picture, and for that I went to The Little Grove a secure playground for babygirl/boys and their Daddy/Mommy Dom. Please keep in mind that The Little Grove is a D/s sim so definite NOT intended for kid avatars.

Dream fulfillment

The outfit that I am wearing in the picture just below is called Fulfill Dreams and with a name like that it makes me wonder, is it about fulfilling my own dreams or perhaps me in this sexy little lingerie is the fulfillment of someone else dream?

Fulfill dreams

The outfit is one of the latest creations by Candy Kitten and is available right now at the Red Light District. And I know you want to rush over there and grab this sexy lil number and. don’t be shocked but I am actually wearing the modest version in this picture! If you are feeling more adventurous the naughty version is included in the set. Oh and when you are there to get this set, make sure to vote vote vote!

The second item in this picture that I just have to mention is the pose used. It is from eTc Poses, the name is a bit cryptic it is called M2 but I simply love the poses!

Who’s a good lil puppy…

….ME! That’s who!

Who's a good little puppy

A picture is worth more than a thousand words, and this picture should be very clear as to why I picked this specific title. The item that this picture is about is once again from  Short Leash it is the Hush Puppy Muzzle that can be found in the upcoming round of the XXX Event (August). So if you did not get that one…..what you waiting for?

See, a short and sweet post, with a picture of a pretty puppy just begging to be petted!