Very happy dreams

They say a picture is worth more than a thousand words, and I hope in this case it is true and that the picture is enough to explain the title of this post!

Very happy dreams

There are two items in this picture that I do have to spend a few words on, firs there is the new lingerie set called Eye Candy from Candy Kitten. This sexy little set is available right now at the Red Light District and comes in two versions, adult (such as I am wearing in this picture) and normal….where you will wear a bra and full panties.

The other item I want to mention is a new tattoo from [White~Widow] called Fallout and for this one you don’t have to fight masses on a busy event, you can simply go to the mainstore and get this tattoo and any of the other amazing ones.


Inktmaster season 274, “blank canvas”

Silly title perhaps, but unless you have been living under a rock you will have noticed that there are several shows on the television about tattooing, and without a doubt I think the most famous one is “Inktmasters”. Over here in The Netherlands this show is on a constant return, 5-6 episodes on a day but in random order. So todays picture is a little play on that…….season 274 of Inktmasters.

Inktmaster season 274

And the funny thing is, I did not even set out to make a picture based around this theme, I was just walking around on Backdrop City looking at the different backdrops that are there, when inspiration hit me. And usually when inspiration hits me the making of a picture comes quite easy.

So after we have the lil background story of the title of this post out of the way, I can point out the outfit that I am wearing, and that is the actual reason hat I set out to make this picture.  The outfit is from Candy Kitten and is called snuggle top and skirt.  It is a new mesh skirt and top in one pack, with the hud you can change the colours of the set so you can create 13 different styles. The set is for the Maitreya, Physique, Hourglass, Freya and Isis bodies.

Where is my cabana boy?

Sun, sea, beach, what more can a girl want? Mmmm let me think… about a nice cocktail brought to me by an exotic cabana boy………..and speaking of which, where is mine?!

Where is my cabana boy

When making this picture I was set out to make a picture wearing the Seduction set from Pervette that is available right now at The Kinky Event. And I loved it so much that I went to the store and bought several other items there to create this look that you are seeing in the picture.

So what do we have here in the picture from Pervette, there is of course the Seduction set that is available at The Kinky Event right now which are the bra and the panties that I am wearing. The anklet I am wearing is called Encante. On my upper arm you can see the creation called Litte Moon and to finish it of, I am wearing a necklace called So Sweet.

Now you might notice that my look is a little bit different than usual. that is cause I been on a shopping spree and went and treated myself to a new mesh head, this time I bought one from Akeruka, Cindy to be exact, and I am loving the look of this head. Now I just need to wait patiently (yeah right) for some of my favorite skin makers to create some skins for it. Though as you can see, the head looks amazing with the default skin tones it comes with.

Last but most certainly not least we have the hairstyle Juno from eXxEsS

Day at the beach

With weather this beautiful it is no surprise that you will see a lot of posts be summer themed, and I happily hitch a ride on that bandwagon with the following post. But to be honest this entire post has been inspired by the prop that I am using, the Sensual Diamond from DS’ELLES that will be available at the next round of Pose Fair.

Day at the beach

Now I had those fun rocks (lots of different poses) so it was only logical for me to pose in a bikini or a bathing suit, so going through my inventory and tossing aside all ideas I decided to think a bit out of the box. So what I am wearing in this picture is not a bathing suit but some lingerie, the Sandy Bodysuit from ::NOIR:: that is available right now at The Kinky Event.  Now with the sun so high in the sky, you need a little something, not just to protect your eyes (I guess that is important too) but mostly because standing there with your eyes all squinted due to the sun so does not look sexy. Good thing you already are at  The Kinky Event so you can pick up the Nikotov eyewear from [VERSOV].

Last but most certainly not least there is a new tattoo out from [White~Widow] that you can see here, it is called Lolita and will be available on the upcoming round of We ❤ RP.

Smoking a fat one

Names can be so deceiving can’t  they? With a name like Smoke Couch I did expect some furniture with well smoking animations. Oh boy how naïve I was! Of course I really could and should have known better considering this is an item from Quasi that is available right now at the Red Light District.

Smoking a fat one

As you can see from the picture the couch indeed has some poses for smoking, though truth be told this blog should end with me smoking a cigarette considering all the other animations of the couch. Now it is important to realize that all the items you see in this picture are sold separately. So in this picture we have the Smoke CouchSlave with Cock Leash, Slave Table and the Dope Neon Sign.

Smoking a fat one 2

If anything else this picture should be enough proof that we are dealing with creation from Quasi. There are several animations in the couch that will make you really earn that smoke…..or as in this picture enjoy some in between more intense plays. Considering all the animations, the statues……I doubt that a cigarette was what the good people at Quasi had in mind when they created this item.

Ropes make for perfect lingerie

Well the title of this post should leave very little to the imagination, or perhaps make you imagine a lot of fun things? Of course considering the sheer amount of rope harnesses that you can buy in Second Life  that should be no surprise to anyone.

Ropes make for perfect lingerie

Now even though the title of this post says that ropes make for perfect lingerie, as you can see on this picture it also makes for a great looking accessory. The outfit that I am wearing on this picture is from Luas and called Trini and is available on The Kinky Event right now.  The pack contains both the harness as well as the dress so you can wear each piece separate, and well you have to believe my word for it (or get the demo at the event!) but just wearing the harness is seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeexy!

Summer fancy princess

Wow the title for this post is a bit of a mess, but it was a working title when I went out to make this picture and I just kept it. These jumbled together words refer to the different outfits that I used parts of to create this look.

Sumer fancy princess

Now before we go into the outfit that I am wearing and that was the reason of making this picture, I want to share with you all the location of where I took it. The sim is called Brand New Colony absolutely gorgeous landscaped and with lots of places that are just perfect for making pictures, to cuddle or more. The sim is rated adult…and there is a good reason for that. But don’t let that stop you from exploring this wonderful place.

The outfit that I put together consists of parts of three different outfits of  Candy Kitten to begin there are the boots called Summer Love Boots which of course explains the ‘summer’ part in the title of this post. The next item I used is the Fancy princess top and here the mystery of the second and third word of the title have been solved. The last item I am wearing in this picture is the skirt, and that is the skirt from the Hot Mess set.

For the top however you will have to wait a little bit longer, it will be available at the coming round of The Chapter Four, yes you heard it right it is the second event where Candy Kitten will make her mark!

Now there are two more things to mention about this look, the hair that I use (again) in this picture is from eXxEsS and is called Coral. It has been a style I have been using in the past few pictures, I just love how it frames my face. The pose I used is one of  Bauhaus Movement from the Sue collection.