Benefits of a good workout

Todays post is all about a work-out and the good fun that one can have with it. Of course with every blog post there is at least one item the focal point of the post. And this time it is the Pull-Up exercise equipment of Quasi.


And as anyone who ever been serious about doing a workout, it always goes better when there is someone with you, be it spotting you or as I am doing right now, counting each time a successful pull-up is done.


But no matter how much you count, or encourage, there are times where other means are required to motivate to finish the workout. Now I am firm believer of the carrot or the stick method. And nice person that I am, I always start with the carrot, offering up a prize something they can get….if they are a good boy and complete the workout.


And yes I know a bit ago I mentioned the “carrot”  a reward when the workout was complete a goal to work for. But then I got to think “what about me?” . I mean I have been working hard here as well! I have been encouraging, counting, motivating and wiggling my boobs. So yeah….I definite were the one who deserved that carrot!

Pfew if you made it this far, thank you for reading it all. As you can see this post is all about this wonderful item  the Pull-Up from Quasi. And even though there are just three pictures in this blog, I hope that I was able to show you how much fun can be had if you incorporate this little item in a nice RP session.


Invitation from the “March Hare”

I am lost! I went down the rabbit hole, which is kinda ironic come to think of it since it was an invitation from a “hare”. But down the rabbit hole I went, I zigged and zagged and now I am lost in these wonderful strange surroundings.

Invitation from the " March Hare"

As you can most likely (I hope) from the picture I had “Alice in Wonderland”  on my mind as I set out to make this picture. So I went out wandering all over second life until I found a location that was just perfect to take the picture I had in mind.  The place where this picture was taken is called Whole Wheat an amazing place with lots of scenes and backdrops rezzed out for all to use.

The outfit that I am wearing is one of Candy Kitten , and it is one I put on especially in honour of the March Hare….it is called Young Bunny. See I even have cute ears, and if you were able to sneak up behind me you would have noticed the cute little fluffy bunny tail.

The hair that I use in this picture is from the ever so talented eXxEsS this particular style is called Venezia. And last but certainly not least we have the wonderful pose, staying true to my most recent addiction I once more used a pose from Bauhaus Movement this time the (Screa-ming) Harder-Faster-Better-Louder 16

Danger in bloom

Once again a friend had to come to the rescue in naming this picture, I tell you I am terrible at coming up with names. So she suggested the name “Danger in Bloom”  because according to her I looked like  I was about to “kick some serious ass“.

Danger in bloom

And mm what can I tell you all about this picture? Let’s start at the top and work our way down, first of there is the hair from eXxEsS for this particular look I went with the Sangria style. The decoration in my hair is from [CerberusXing] called Ume Hairpin.

Now if you zoom in a bit (on my face!!) you see the next few items that I added for this look all the piercings are from [CerberusXing] being the Bento Piercing Labret/Medusa the Bento piercing snakebites and finally the Filigree Septum.

Going further we actually encounter three different tattoos from [White~Widow] but as you can see they work so beautiful together that I had no choice really bit to wear all three of them at once.  These are exclusive tattoos that you can get right now at the Skin Fair, the tattoos used in this picture are Hanabi, Okja and Ran.

And here I went and almost (well I did) post this blog without mentioning the last part about this picture, and that would be the pose. As you might have learned from my previous posts I so love the poses from Bauhaus Movement and that is what I used for this picture as well, it is a pose out of the Katana Rulez

The final kink

Ok it sounds more dramatic than it is, but this is my last post about the current round of  The kinky Event and well…let’s say I been a bit more kinkier this time than I normally I am.

No talk with your mouth full

So two pictures in this pose this time, partly because there are two items from the fair that I wish to blog, but also cause well…..just one picture does not do it just. What you see here, well the items from the event are the tattoo from Dappa called Taisho. The tattoo does come with a face applier as well, but as you can see from above picture……you would not be able to see it anyways!


Now the second item I want to mention is of course the delicious swing I am on, it has been made by Quasi and is abtly named Love Swing. Now there are lot of fun things about this swing as you can see from above pictures. It is bento, meaning that well….how to put it your lover can see your o face. It is also aeros enabled (I never knew there was such a thing) . Ah let the creator explain it!

Quasi items are compatible with your Aeros male attachment.

This is helpful in setting your penis into position for each animation with out you needing to adjust it on your HUD (We know your hands are busy)



Set me free

As happens al so often I found myself wondering what to call this post this time, so I asked my dear friend Eva India about a suggestion and here Set me free was born.

Set me free

So here I am all dolled up and safely stuck away in a closet *pouts* waiting on someone to come and safe me, to set me free, and just look at me, in this sexy number fromCandy Kitten called Don’t forget to be cute and no worries…how could I ever be anything but cute?

Nipple slip 2.0

Ever since the performance of Janet Jackson, we all have heard (and seen!) the nipple slip a.k.a. “wardrobe malfunction”  and well I am sure there can be some improvement on that part

Nipple Slip 2.0

And I am sure that is exactly what Luas thought….how to improve on a nipple slip and to make that the theme of their creation Rieko at The Kinky Event. But of course that is not the only new thing in this picture, another new item that I am wearing here is the Unsane tattoo from [White~Widow] that you can find at the current round of Uber.

All fine and dandy

There are so many events happening in SL right now, that you can have a full time job visiting them all, and of course need a well filled wallet to get all the creations you can find at these events. One event that is always so very anticipated is The Arcade, and todays picture does showcase an outfit you can get from there.

Fine and Dandy

The outfit I am wearing in this picture is from Salt & Pepper and is called Dandy, sexy and stylish as we have come to expect from Salt & Pepper. The outfit comes for the Maitreya, the Slink Hourglass and the Belleza Freya body. In the above picture I am using the Maitreya version.

Aloriana is wearing:
Mesh head : Lelutka – Simone 3.0 (Bento)
Mesh body : Maitreya-Lara
Head applier : session – Tanya
Body applier : session – Tone 04
Body shape : custom
Head shape : session
Hair : Truth – Imani
Collar : Salt & Pepper – Dandy collar (rare) @ The Arcade
Harness: Salt & Pepper – Dandy harness (rare) @ The Arcade
Jacket : Salt & Pepper – Dandy Jacket @ The Arcade
Pants : Salt & Pepper : Dandy pants @ The Arcade
Shies : Salt & Pepperr – Dandy shoes @ The Arcade
Light : LUMIPro