Leash Laws

“Leash laws are strictly enforced” that is what the sign said, but sheeesh leaving a girl leashed for hours when you go shopping is so not nice! Here I am leashed to the sign in front of a store and hours later still am leashed *sniffles* Have I been abandoned?

Leash Laws

Well I guess I deserve to be leashed and left for the night, after all the deadline to post this item has almost gone. So….either you dash over real quick to The Man Jail Event or you will have to wait a little longer and buy it at the mainstore. If you decide to head over to the event, the item you want to look for is the Obedient Pet Hitch which as you can see is also perfect to teach your less obedient pets a lesson.

The creation is one of the latest releases from Short Leash the picture has been taken just right outside the store on the new sim. And you definite want to visit the sim, as much fun as it is shopping at Short Leash the store itself is just a small part of a sim dedicated to the BDSM community perfect to explore and meet likeminded people.

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