Training your Babygirl

So here is what can happen when you are a spoiled brat. A few weeks ago some old guy asked me to sit on his lap, and asked me what I wanted. So after climbing on his lap, we talked about the first thing that came up, and I mentioned I wanted to be a ballerina. Now the old guy told me that since I been such a naughty girl he had just the thing to help me train.

How to train your Babygirl

Admittedly it is not quite what I expected *sighs* I guess you just cannot trust any man in a red suit anymore, no matter how comfy his lap is. Though there is no denying how flexible training with this equipment makes you. Now I am sure many of you immediately recognize the wonderful Ballet Barre  from Stockholm & Lima that makes such a wonderful prop…and that offers so many delicious wicked options. To me the amazing stylish looks is one of the things that sets them apart. You could have a home decorated with nothing but Stockholm & Lima creations (and omg I so wish!!!) and you would never know anything until the moment you start using the menu.

Just before making this picture I have been shopping, and been to some stores that I have never been before. The first stop was at Sweet Thing, where I picked up this wonderful Helli Harness. And believe me it definite is a store I will return to quite a few times, there are a lot of creations there that are now on my wishlist. The harness that I am wearing in this picture is for the Maitreya body, and it fits just perfect. And what is a huge bonus…all bits are covered! So you can go out and walk around without getting in trouble..though walking around in this sexy harness would be at your own risk.

The hair in this picture is from Pr!tty and is available at the Project Se7en event. Oh very important for all of you out there that have the Catya Bento head from Catwa like I use here in this picture, the hair from Pr!tty fits just perfect!

Now there are two more things about this picture that I want to mention, first there is the wonderful tattoo from Carol G. the Romantic Roses which will be the exclusive tattoo for the Crossroads event starting January 3rd. Now this picture would definite not have been possible without an amazing little photographers tool called LUMIpro..if you do not have it yet, go to the mainstore, get a demo and I guarantee you will fall in love with it.


50 shades of pink

A few days ago I made a picture where my butt was at least 50 shades of red, due to the nature of the picture I did not blog it, but you can see it here  (NSFW). Today making a picture that honestly is all about the wonderful tattoo off [White~Widow] I once again find my butt to be a colour….

50 shades of pink

*sighs* and no my butt was not red this time from a good time a.k.a. a spanking, but from this fun little Bad Girl Shorts from Real Evil. Right now you can empty out their store for 40% off and that is exactly what I have done. I mean, let’s face it I am way to naughty for Santa to give me presents..*ponders* or not naughty enough perhaps…..either way, who needs Santa when you get 40% off at Real Evil?!

Now back to the mean item of this picture so eyes up please I am talking of course about this wonderful tattoo by [White~Widow]. Some of you might recognize this tattoo, it is of course the Music Box but now it is the season 2 version with three new colours : Lavender, Green and Yellow. The lavender is the one I am wearing in this picture. Now since I recently switch to not only a Bento head but also to Bento hands from Vista, I was a bit worried if the applier would work well. And it kind of does as you can see in the picture. I used the omega applier for the entire body and it gave the high intensity tattoo and that worked.

Now since I used a Maitreya body I used the regular Maitreya applier first and then choose medium, switched to the omega applier for the hand…and those always came out full intensity, now there is a chance that I been doing something wrong, I have not had these hands for that long yet.

Now the last thing to see on this picture will be the hair from Rezology that I am wearing, and well with a name like Lovely Lass how could I not play with this hairstyle?. Now to end this post, for the light I made use again of LUMIpro, the 2017 version. if you have a friend who is into SL photography and you do not know what to get them, I can recommend getting this hud…they will love you longtime!

Sweet as caramel

Normal you see me in quite the light skin tones, all kind of shades of pale. So it was time to shake things up for a bit, and go for something darker. Now anyone that ever seen one of my pictures or *gasps* read my blog, might have noticed that I am blessed to blog for Nunu’s Skins & Shapes which means that I got allll the skin tones (yay) so for the picture below I revisited the Anna skin in the skintone caramel.

Sweet as caramel

In a few days a new round of The Fantasy Collective will start, and one of the amazing outfits you can get there is the one I am wearing in above picture from Wicca’s Wardrobe the Caeda. This outfit is a gacha outfit, all the items that you see me wearing are the rare ones *ponders* well I assume they are the rare ones cause they were in the rare pack. The only ones I know for sure that are rare are the top and bikini bottom…why do I know for sure they are the rare? Because it said so in the name!

Now in a previous post I mentioned that I went and got myself the Catya Bento head from Catwa and I have absolutely fallen in love with it. What was a very welcome surprise is that the hair I am using here from Tableau Vivant Glenn just fits perfectly. Those of you with a Bento head might have experienced by now how it can happen that some of your favorite hairs simply do not fit right anymore. But not with this style from Tableau Vivant, well at least not for me.

Now with the caramel skin tone from Nunu’s Skins & Shapes , with that outfit from Wicca’s Wardrobe I knew exactly where I wanted to go to make my picture. So I want over to Fall Trace, I absolutely love the colours there, if you have not been there yet…you definite will have to go I guarantee you, you will spend hours exploring and enjoying the beauty.

Now once there I did not want to change my windlight settings and risk it affecting the wonderful look from the sim, so luckily with my Lumipro I am able to direct some suble light right where I want it, namely on me.


Inspiration for a picture and a blog post can come from well about everything. So today I was spending some time with my dear friend Destiny who is a proud and loving babygirl, and suddenly I receive the package from Salt & Pepper with her latest groupgift. A sexy babydoll for Christmas!


So here I am wearing this wonderful free Babydoll from Salt & Pepper sneaking into the bedroom of my dear friend, and pretend to be a good babygirl, I do hope I am pulling it off, but I will let you all be the judge of that. Now back to the babydoll as stated it is the groupgift from Salt & Pepper . This babydoll comes in three colours, sheer & opaque that you can control via the hud. This amazing sexy little number should be enough reason to go and join her group if you have not done yet, the group fee to join is 150L$ but with gifts like these…that is a bargain!

I did some shopping! I got a new mesh head, yep that is right, I went Bento which for me meant I went over to the Catwa store and bought the Catya. A lot has been written already about bento, and there have been many reviews of the Catwa Catya head so instead of writing one myself, I will shamelessly point you towards an amazing post by the so talented Strawberry Singh. Now in order to get the most out of this (and any Bento) head you need to work a bit with your shape, which for me is a nightmare because I am terrible at it. Luckily my friend Destiny is a true artist when it comes to making shapes, so she created this look for me by making the shape from scratch. If you are interested in a custom shape give her a poke and I am sure things can be arranged.

Even though she made the shape for me for the Belleza body, in this picture I am using my Maitreya body and see it works just as well. As skin I once more use the gorgeous Alor skin from Nunu’s Skins & Shapes in the tone peche. And of course I had to go and decorate my skin with a wonderful tattoo from [White~Widow] this tattoo Aloft is actually a gift yes you heard me right, it is another gift in the Mad City – Mad Pea Store. Well….it is a gift with a twist, you need to buy the Christmas Calendar and then open the door corresponding with the day and get the present. The Christmas Calendar is L1000$ but for that you will get a total of 25 gifts from amazing designers.

Now let me finish writing this, because I know by now you must be quite ready for me to shut up. Finishing off my look, I am using the mesh eyes from IKON again, the Sovereign Ice. For hair I used an older style from EXxEsS Jaci. Now as a babygirl I decided I needed a few more things to decorate myself, something silly and light but with a twist. And here is where Real Evil came to the rescue with the Kitty Ears and the Good Kitty Collar.

And the bed I am sitting on omg! The bed is from a gacha at Stockholm & Lima, and those of you familiar with that store, will immediately understand that this bed hides sooo much. It might look like a cute princess bed (actually the gacha is called Princess Suite) but the animations…..definite not a bed for a little girl…yet so purrrrrfect for a babygirl.

Ice Princess

Lots of things going on in December, there are several fairs going on right now with of course winter and or Christmas related items. Todays post I will display items from two of these fairs  the Winter Solstice and TLC. The creations that I am wearing from these events are made by Wicca’s Wardrobe.

Ice Princess

Even though the dress I am wearing in this picture is called Lilly but the colour I am wearing is called Ice so the name Ice Princess sounded very reasonable to me. And I must say I am very glad that Wicca’s Wardrobe did not go ” default Christmas”  with this sexy little outfit, in other words no red and green and shining noses! So that means you can wear this sexy little number whenever you want. Now this dress can be found right now at Winters Solstice.

Now the last time I was in a winter wonderland my toes were freezing of, this time I was a little bit smarter and went to the TLC (The Liason Collaborative) fair and got these wonderful boots Faye again from Wicca’s Wardrobe. And just look at it, isn’t it just a match made in heaven?

I mentioned in the very beginning that there are a lots of fairs et cetera going on this month, so for this picture I always did a little stop at Hairology, and picked up the Helena hair from Pr!tty. Every look starts with a foundation, and my foundation for this picture is formed by the Lara mesh body from Maitreya, the AnnaGrey head from Catwa with the Sylvan ears from  BentBox. No new skin this time, but I went back to an older one from my dear Nunu’s Skins & Shapes this time I picked the Cathryn in the colour Porcelain.

Well I cannot finish this post without mentioning my dear friend Nishiyo  who created this winter wonderland as her own home, and allowed me to take pictures there. She is very much the inspiration and encouragement and the reason that I started making pictures and started blogging. Take a look at her Flickr and see a true artist.

Cold feet

No I am not getting cold feet because I am nervous, or because I suddenly lack the courage to do a dare or something like that. My feet are literally freezing, why? Cause I am standing in the snow!

Cold feet

Salt & Pepper brings this wonderful outfit Boyana to We , and as scancily clad we can be with this outfit, Salt & Pepper has been kind enough to come with several sets that work perfectly together. There are three different sets available at We .

There are the following sets available: bra & panties, skirt, vest. And of course there is a full pack available that includes everything and allows you to mix n match the fur and leather colours. In this picture I am using the fatpack, just not the bra…the vest is more than enough to cover all that needs covering….just a bra might have been just a tad too cold!.

Whilst you are shopping at We  make sure to check under the Christmas tree, there are several gifts there from designers, all free (you need to be in the wlrp group). Amongst the gifts you can find there are the warm fur mufflers from We  that I am wearing in the picture here.

But there is so much more to see in this picture apart from the wonderful landscape of course, if you are looking for a winter place to make any pictures, I can highly recommend a visit to Winter Trace. But back to me, the picture is full with goodies from all different kind of events. There is the wonderful delicate tattoo from [White~Widow] Sing that is available right now at Winter Trend SL.

But I also managed to sneak into Collabot88, well I managed to go to one of the off-sim shopping sims (such a great solution) and came away there with quite the nice bag of loot. Two of the items I got at Collabor88 you can see in this picture. First we have the Natalia applier from Glam Affair, which I happily used on my Bibi head from Catwa. And last but not least at Collabor88 I picked up the Sugar hairstyle from Tableau Vivant.

” In case of emergency….

break the glass!” I was walking around at the Kinky Event  looking for inspiration for my next picture…and there it was, a wonderful display case made by ER. Now these Doll Cabinet is not part of the Kinky Event but I do think you should get them.

In case of emergency

A life sized “doll”  in a box, to be taken out when you are ready to play with it *grins*. And like any other good doll….you need to dress it first before being able to undress it. Now the Alor 2017 model already comes with clothes and all extra’s. What I am wearing here is the Nomi outfit from Asteria, which consists of the  sexy top and bottoms, and of course this entire outfit is available a the Kinky Event. What I do love about this outfit is that, as you can see, it is very sexy and teasing, yet it is not over the top, so you can explore all over SL without worry, though I cannot promise people will not stare at you!

Next that I think I need to mention is the wonderful new tattoo from [White~Widow] named Fences that is available on the Peace of Earth Hunt right now. And I do think the tattoo completes the look very nice, it just draws attention to long slender legs….

Also in this picture you see me wearing something you do not see that often on me, yep that is right, I am wearing boots! In this case I am wearing the Singapore Boots from KC. The boots come with  a hud that allow you to change the colour on about every part of the boots, so no matter the colour of the outfit you are wearing, the boots will always match.

Enough about the outfit, let’s talk about the kinky doll….err I mean me! I once again switched to using my Belleza Isis body and used one of the wonderful skins of Nunu’s Skins & Shapes again, in this case I switched to the Cecile in the tone Peche. I switched back to using my Catwa heads again, for this picture I am using the first mesh head from Catwa that I ever bought, the Annie.

Last but most certainly not least is the new hairstyle from Rezology that I am using here called Sleekly Framed 2. Now here I am….a perfect little doll in a case, ready to be taken out to be played with.

In case of emergency, break the glass