I want to be an unicorn

I am pretty sure that I already used this title for my blog sometime, but am just too darn lazy to check, and well…with an outfit like this Bunny wants to be unicorn fromCandy Kitten how can I not name my post like this?

I want to be an unicorn

And there is a lot to tell about this picture, so as usually lets take a closer look, start at the top and work our way to my bottom! First there is the new hairstyle from eXxEsS called Genova. I am always so excited when I receive a new hairstyle from eXxEsS the hud gives me so many colour options, and I never have any problems with the hair not fitting my head properly.

Most of the times you see me using one of my bento heads, usually one from Catwa, but this time I wanted to change things up again. We are so focused on bento and all the wonderful ways to customize our look, that it is very easy to forget that there are numerous amazing non bento heads out there, like the one I am using for this picture, the Bibi from Catwa.

Since I started with mentioning what I was wearing, there is just one more thing to mention. And that is the wonderful place where I made this picture Backdrop City. If you enjoy making pictures in SecondLife and at times are at a loss what background to use, this place is definite the place to be for you.


Nope, not gonna do it!

The easiest thing to do would be calling this post something ” like hanging around”  or ” letting me off the hook”  but that would be way to easy so am not gonna do that. Though both of that would be quite the accurate description as you are about to see.

Not gonna do it 1

Todays post is all about a creation from Quasi, and this particular item is called the Hooked Rope Play that you can get at The Kinky Event right now. And as promised in an earlier post I show some more of their Dark Half Library set in the background. To be more precise the two errr busts? behind me.

Not gonan do it 2

As you can see this is once more one of these items where you can have a fun and intense RP session with. Lots of fun poses and animations. Ranging from teasing playful to downright naughty. Of course I could make a picture of every single animation there is, but then this would be such a long post, and I am sure you rather discover them all for yourself.

Not gonna do it 3

Ok I will admit the hook is not something you can conveniently hang in your living room (well at least not in mine) without having a lot of questions to answer when people come over. But I think it definite belongs in any playroom.

As you can see I had a lot of fun playing with this item, trying it out and extensively testing every animation (had to adjust a pose sometimes but that is to be expected). So….definite worth getting, a great fun creation by Quasi, to get at The Kinky Event .

Hands of mister!

Pfew I thought I was really late with posting this blog and picture, but after checking the dates I see I have worried about nothing and are very much on time.

Hands of Mister

The focal point (at least in my mind) of this picture is the sexy new tattoo from [White~Widow] called Venom that is available at We ❤ RP right now. The tattoo comes in the colours copper, gold, silver and pink.

Now the title of this post is not related to the wonderful tattoo that I am wearing but the prop I am using in this picture. It is a creation of ::WetCat:: their Strip-Tease a fun little prop that as you can see doesn’t just have solo poses but also a selection of couple poses.


Another post of me with some creations that you can find at The Kinky Event, and at first when I made this picture and saw how it turned out I thought “spooky” . I think the ensemble I am wearing today…again proves that even though it is sold at The Kinky Event, you can make an everyday look out of it….so definite not limited to fun kinky times.


The outfit I am wearing is from [Provocation] and is called Dominica, for this wonderful item you will have to go to The Kinky Event. Besides this wonderful outfit there are a few more items I want to mention to you, there is the Mooning Red Photobox from D.U.S.T. that I used as a prop. The used pose is once more one from Bauhaus Movement, this time I used one from the [Screa-ming] Female poses set.

Now there are only two more items in this picture that I wish to mention, firs there is the hair, it is the latest creation from eXxEsS called Selysa. I will stop boring you with my rambling after this last item….the chain around my feet are from [CerberusXing] and are the Melted Heart Feet Chains.

Time to get kinky (again)

You probably already know, a new round of The Kinky Event has started, which means I get to show you several of the creations that are available right there. And just because the items are from a kinky themed event, does not mean you have to be kinky to enjoy then.

Time to get kinky (again)

And that is what I hope to accomplish with this picture, to show you a sweet and soft picture created with items from The Kinky Event. One of the first thing is the outfit called Irreplaceable Princess Bodysuit from Dirty princess. Now the outfit comes in two versions, one with nipples showing and one without. And since I am such a good girl I am wearing the one that cover my nipples.

Next item from the event is a new hairstyle from Fabia called Angel. The perfect hairstyle to help you create that sweet and innocent look that you might go after. Though I am sure that with the right accessories and outfit, it can complete the less innocent look as well.

The last item I want to tell you about is not from the event, the scene around me including what I am sitting on is actually wearable boudoir from Boudoir. So when you are tired or need to go afk, you can sit down in style. The item does not require any rezzing, just wear it, click the couch and you are lounging!

Love hurts

You know I had to give it some serious thought if I should write a blog about this picture or not, sure it looks very intense, but that was not the reason. A few days ago in my blog I had a picture that suggested two girls kissing and received as comment “disturbing”. If two girls kissing is disturbing, I can only imagine what the person will think of this.

Love Hurts

As you can see I decided “to hell with it” and make this post after all. But hey when you enjoy the kinky lifestyle as much as I do, you also want to show of your marks with pride. And the marks that you see on this picture are from a new store Kytta Kora and can be such a perfect addition for a fun intense RP setting.  She is slowly building up her store and you can check her Flickr to keep up to date on new releases.

The second item, or to be more precise set of items in this picture are from Quasi, now you seen me blog (surprise surprise) some kinky items from them before, But this time I used items from their DarkHalf Library Set as props to build this scene. It is really a nice and extensive set, and this picture does not quite do it just. But the items you can see in this picture are the DarkHalf Fireplace, the DarkHalf File Cabinet and the Fireplace Tool Set.

But there are many more items including some art work that you can expect to see more of this set in upcoming pictures.

“Oops we did it again!”

In my post yesterday I already mentioned that I made a picture together with Violet and Kaci, so I am a bit late, but here is my image of that shoot.

" Oops we did it again"

It is so much fun working together with people on the same picture, just the shooting of the picture itself is great fun with all the silliness that is involved in it. But it is also interesting to see the different pictures, knowing we all use the same base.

Now as you can see from the pictures from Violet and Kaci, this shoot was very much inspired by Britney Spears, though we of course gave it our own little twist! Is it really a surprise that the outfits we wear in this picture are all from Candy Kitten? Violet and myself are wearing the combination of Sugar schoolgirl jacket and the sweet sinner skirt. Kaci however fathomed herself the leader of the gang and is wearing the Oops I did it again.