Ready player One? HECK NO!

Now I have to admit I have not seen the movie at all (yet) but from the title I just have to assume it is related to computer gaming. However I can imagine that there would be a point where you hear “Ready player One?” and you just think…..”Oh heck no I need a break!”.

Ready player one?....HECK NO!

What the outfit has to do with that theme, well absolutely nothing! In this picture you see two creations by [NYNE], firs tthere is the new hairstyle named Serotta that you can find at ON9 right now. The outfit I am wearing is also from [NYNE] and is called Bodysuit Heart. And I have to tell you something about these clothes, or perhaps I already done and simply cannot remember.

The outfit does come with a hud, and as you come to expect with the hud you can change the colour of the outfit, but there is more. You can set the shinyness of your outfit and here is the thing that I absolutely love, you can change the Alpha level of the outfit, which in this case means you can decide if and how transparant the outfit will be. So it can go from “solid” as I am wearing right now to completely see through.

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