I think everyone has those days where you feel like you simply have no energy whatsoever and all you want to do is nap. And today is such a day for me, it is grey and dreary outside and that so does not help me!


But as you can see I did find the energy to make a picture, and it is clear what’s on my mind right now…. “NAPTIME!”. Now before I drift off completely I better tell you about a few of the creations in this picture. Believe it or not….as sweet and innocent as this picture seems to be, the items are actually from The Kinky Event.

To begin there is the “sweat dress” from Asteria called Misha.  Now besides the sweater dress the outfit also comes with a choker and a garter, as you can see from the picture I choose not to use the garter, The reason I am not using the garter is the second item from The Kinky Event being a new tattoo from [White~Widow] named Vice.

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