Rock on!

I have made several posts now with the wonderful creations of Quasi, and even though I have mentioned how good the creations look and how well they fit in any home, the focus of these posts were always on the naughty aspect, the animations and poses within.

Rock on!

And as you can see this time I want to focus on the different aspect of these creations, believe me there is plenty of yummy naughtiness, but I want to show you all how amazing it all looks. The main part of the scenery is the Grind City Bedroom from Quasi that is available right now at 6th Republic. The following items from this set can be seen in the picture Grind City Bed (with al the yumminess), Grind City Nightstand, Grind City Dresser, Grind City Guitar, Grind City Rug, Grind City Rock Star Sign.

Now not every item you have seen in this picture is available at 6th Republic some of these items are from the Downtown Gacha set that you can get at the Quasi  mainstore. It is a 21 piece set, so you can imagine that I did not put every item out when I made this picture.  The pictures on the nightstand and the dresser, the entire back above the bed and the sign on the wall are all part of the Downtown Gacha  set.


Kitten of passion

Does this title make sense, most likely not but it is what came to mind and therefore it is what I am calling this post *sticks her tongue out*. Of course it should not be to hard to figure our why I picked this name, seeing the background of the picture and the name of the outfit I am wearing,

Kitten of passion

The outfit is one from Candy Kitten and is called Passion Bodysuit and as you can see it looks just as good from the back as it does in the front *grins*

Passion bodysuit


I am always experimenting with my looks and changing all the time, one of the fun things of the wonderful world of being SL. So after finally having created the look that I wanted I set out to make a picture, and for that I visited the wonderful Yorkshire where I spotted some cute cottages on a previous visit. After taking the picture there I showed it to Pinkrayne (owner of Yorkshire) and her reaction was “Adorbs!”.


And I have to say I wholeheartedly agree with her assessment of it all. And of course the best thing about creating a new look that there are so many new things to play with and to shop for! And a lot of new things there are, to start with there is the new hairstyle from eXxEsS called Latisana.  Under that is a brand new mesh head from LAQ called Poppy it was on special last weekend and well how could I resist? I saw the picture of it and it just looked tooo adorable to not buy it.

So after having bought the head I was of on a quest to make myself look cute and adorable, first stop Ali The Ugly & Beautiful where I got these cute ears called Nogitsune well actually the Nogitsune comes with much more than the ears (bento) the package also contains a bento tail (well several ones actually). The tail that I use in this picture however is from another set called Bento Fox, which actually comes with a set of ears as well…..I really need to learn to check my inventory before buying!

As you might know from my pictures I am not a shy person by no means, but hey every excuse to shop is a good one. And seeing that I had created such a cute look I had to finish it of with a new wardrobe. The entire wardrobe is created by Candy Kitten and all items are available in her shop right now. The top that I am wearing is the No question top the skirt is a brand spanking new release and is called Lulu Skirt.

And the boots….oh my they deserve to be mentioned all by themselves, again it is one of the latest creation of Candy Kitten and I have so fallen in love with them. They are called Candy Lolita Boots.

Bottom up

Ok the title for this post should be as self explanatory as can be, as you might have noticed from my previous post I have a new sponsor, being  Pink Diamond. And as I mentioned in my previous post the creations I wore then (especially the lollipop) were sweet with kind the naughty edge. Todays creation however there is really nothing sweet and it is all naughty all the way (which can be very sweet on it’s own!).

Bottom up

And even with a name like Basic Bitches Butt Plug there really is not much left to the imagination, yep a naughty role-play item indeed.

All things sweet

There is a pretty good chance that I already used this title once for one of my posts, but am feeling too lazy to check, and besides that it was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw that background at Backdrop City.

All thngs sweet//

And of course it is very clear why this background is just perfect for me, all that you see there is so very very sweet. and all is so very lickable!

And there are so much new things in this picture, or rather new for me. So as always let’s start from the top and work our way down. First thing you might see is the complete adorable Floofy Bear Headband from Pink Diamond. And if it isn’t cute enough as is, with the hud you can change the colour of both the errrr let’s call them puffs as well as of the headband itself. The next item is also from Pink Diamond, it is a lollipop called Sugarpop this tasty treat comes with a hud that allows you to set the colour of the lollipop as well as turn drooling on/off. But it is not all as innocent as that, if you click the lollipop you get a menu with some emotes, that range from slightly naughty to very very naughty!

.Pink Diamond – Sugarpop – Mouth – Female: Aloriana77 slowly licks her Lollipop, enjoying the sweet taste.

Pink Diamond – Sugarpop – Mouth – Female: Aloriana77 exhales, her breath ragged as she slides the sticky sweet treat down her stomach slowly…

The outfit that I am wearing is from Candy Kitten, or rather it are three different items from Candy Kitten that you can find in her brand spanking new mainstore! First of there is the no question top for that oh so naughty look, and as expected it comes with a hud so handy for “mix n match”  as skirt to keep it naughty  I once more picked the sweet sinner skirt (admittedly I could have selected a version with panties…but hey a shirt that short…might as well show all). The shoes are a brand spanking new release and are extremely cute (to temper the naughtiness of the other items) and are called Unicorn dream sneakers.

Lastly but most certainly not least, the pose I am using for this picture is once more one from Bauhaus Movement, from the [screa-ming] set. And as I write this post it comes to mind that I need to visit their store again and see if there might be sets of poses that I have missed!


Sometimes a picture says more than a thousand words, and I hope this picture does that saying just.


No worry there is nothing wrong, I just wanted to make a sad looking picture with two of the creations that are available right now at the current round of The Kinky Event. There are actually two items in this picture from this event, there is of course the make-up from  Just Magnetized called Crybaby. The other item that I have from The Kinky Event is the wonderful necklace from Codex called Arya.

It’s mine!

Ever cat owner knows, whatever you -think- that belongs to you, actually belongs to the cat and you are lucky if your cat allows you the use of it. Even though I am not a cat, the same rule applies to me….if I think it is mine, it is mine.

It's mine

Of course in this particular case that so backfired on me. Seeing this wonderful Kitten Quarters a co-production from Altair & Violent Seduction I climbed into it to make it mine…though really I should have checked for locks first! Now I got this creation at an event that has long been over, but I did a quick check and am happy to say that you can still get it at Altair I did check Violent Seduction as well but did not find this item for sale there.

The outfit that I am wearing in this picture is a new creation from Candy Kitten, the top is called Jasmine top and bra. The skirt that I am wearing in this picture is also from  Candy Kitten it is a somewhat older release the Sweet Sinner Skirt.

Last but sure not least we have the boots that so perfectly complement this look, the boots are from N-Core and are called Alyssa.