Soft little kisses

What can be sweeter than being covered in sweet little kisses by a loved one? I can tell you what is, absofreakinglutely nothing!

Soft little kisses

The centerpiece of this picture is of course a creation you will have to visit The Kinky Event for to get. And as you can guess (I hope) it is a harness / body jewel created by PerveTTe called Seduction Rose. The set consists  of both the “harness” as well as the pasties, and considering how shy and modest I am I of course opted for wearing the pasties as well!


So as I mentioned in my previous post, The Kinky Event is going on strong, and todays post again displays an item from there. This time the item in this picture is a creation from Candy Kitten named Look at me.


And wearing this bodyuit I can guarantee that you will be turning heads and people will most definitely look at you.  Now there is another item in this picture from Candy Kitten and that is the Cute princess heels and socks that you can find right now at Kawaii Nation.

My new years resolution

My first post of 2019, and even though people say you cannot improve on perfection I did make a new years resolution. And my resolition is to post more! the last few months of 2018 I been kind lazy not even able to do a post a month, bad Alor bad bad!

My new years resolution

And Lucky for me The Kinky Event. is in full swing so I can inmediately work on my resolution. So in my first picture of 2019 I am showing a creation of Luas called Yume. For this picture I choose to wear the kimono as well as the shibari, but as you might have guessed you can wear either or, and I do have to admit just wearing the shibari makes for a very sexy look as well.

Be naughty, safe santa the trip

It is Christmas season, the time of year where every boy and girl tries desperate to be good to get on Santa’s “nice list” and get a present. Screw that, be naughty! Sure good girls get a present from Santa at Christmas, but naughty girls get presents all the time. So be naughty, safe Santa the trip.

Be Naughty

There is lot to mention about this picture, new items that you have to go to one of the events for to get. Lets start with The Kinky Event., in this picture there are two items that are from this event. First there is the lingerie set from Moon Elixer called Your Princess. The second item from The Kinky Event is the tattoo from [White~Widow] called Arctic.

But also Short Leash has some new releases that are displayed in this picture, to begin with there is the Naughty & Nice Xmas it is a gacha set that is available right now at the XXX-Event and make for the perfect prop for your kink ispired pictuures….or simply look good in your home. The second item from Short Leash is The Little Sub Pillow that you can find at The Naughty List 3.

Now not for everything do you need to dash to an event, the cute hair that I used in this picture is the latest release by eXxEsS and is called (you guessed it) PomPom.

A black and white picture

Well it kinda is a little bit, of course not entirely black and white, but the majority of the scene and the outfit I am wearing is, and well…..I am too! So yeah black and white picture it is for sure!

A black and white picture

The main attraction of this picture (besides me of course) are the creations from [NYNE] that I am wearing. There is the Kylie Dress that you can get right now at the Seduction Fair, and while you are there be sure to pick up the matching boots named Long High Heels. And if black and white is not your thing, don’t worry! Both the dress as well as the boots come with a hud (colour picker) that allow you to customize the colours to your hearts content.

Doll in a box

December is the month where we spoil eachother and especially little kids, over here in The Netherlands it is not uncommon for kids to receive presents twice, once at Sinterklaas and later that month at Christmas. Fun fact for all you non dutch people who are now wondering what Sinterklaas is… is the original Santa!

Doll in a box

So since this is the month of giving, I decided I once more would become a present myself, and this time I will be a doll in a box. And of course a doll with a twist, perfect designed for adults to play with and have lots of fun.

There are two items in this picture that I want to mention, the “box” that I am in is actually a cage by Dollmart named cage, The cage is actually part of a 3 piece set that is available right now at The Kinky Event. The entire set is called A Kinky Christmas and consists of a cross, bondage horse and the cage shown in this picture.\

The second item in this picture that I wanted to mention is also from The Kinky Event it is a creation by Luas and is called Scarlett.

All done decorating

It is that time of year again, and you know what you can expect, hundreds of Christmas themed blogs and pictures, and of course I am very happily riding that bandwagon as well, all be it with a little twist.

all done decorating

Cause you know, it might be Christmas season but it is also the time for The Kinky Event, and such a good timing, what better to celebrate Christmas with than with some fun kinky gifts for your special someone (or yourself).

In this case I am wearing the creation from Candy Kitten for this event called Queen of Christmas Lights. Sure when you wear this you are not really wearing much…but it also does reveil the secret of why Santa is always smiling….he has the best spot in the house!

F*ck your bad vibes

It is rare that I go and make a picture already knowing what I want to portray or what the theme will be. This time however it was different, it seems to me that lately people are just so negative, complaining about everything. Like just the other day people were honestly upset that a 300L$ giftcard that was in a store, was not there anymore….and how unfair it was that they could not get it cause they were unable to log on and bla bla bla…for those people this is the message I have.

F*ck your bad vibes

Aloriana is wearing
Head : Catwa – Lona
Body : Maitreya – Lara
Shape : [x] Stitches [x] – Bubble (modified)
Ears : ^^Swallow^^ – Shiny Elf Ears
Eyes : Cureless [+] – Cute Coven Eyes (applier)
Skin : .tsg. – Cici (vampy)
Makeup : ((LovelyAlien)) – SparkleMakeup
Bandages: Cureless [+] – Sterile Face Bandages
Jewels : Cureless [+] – Moonlight Jewels (groupgift)
Horns : .:Avanti:. – Kittke Horns
Hair : [NYNE] – Niva @ Dubai Event
Collar : [CX] – Hell’s Harbinger
Outfit : [NyDesign] – Fetish Dress
Hand : L’Emporio – ::*Amuletum Wicca*::
Hand : \//.VoluptasVirtualis – [Mezarah]

Crosses and roses

I admit the title of this post does not make that much sense, but hey at least it is correct there is a cross in the picture and there are roses in the picture, so technically it is all good.

Crosses and roses

And there are plenty of new items in this picture that I want to mention, lets start with the outfit that I am wearing, it is the Mistress bra and panties from Candy Kitten, it is available right now at The Kinky Event, but you will have to hurry it is just there for a little bit longer, but don’t worry in case you did miss it, it will appear in the mainstore after the event.

Now even though the outfit that I am wearing might have the name Mistress in it, it does not mean that I am one, hence I find myself securely fastened to this cross, the Sweet Sadism Cross from Short Leash. As you came to expect this cross has lots of yummy animations that will guarantee a fun time for two (or more if there is an audience). This cross is one of the items that you can find in the Bound Box of November.

In the back ground you will see some more creations from Short Leash, there is the Good Girl Rules Board that you can get right now at the XXX Event. To my other side is another creation of Short Leash it is a little older one, a gacha creation named Tools of the Trade that you can find n the mainstore right now.

In my secret garden

As I stated several times I so enjoy walking around in SecondLife exploring and enjoying the wonderful creations that can be found. And today was no difference, after (too) long a time I again visited Mystic Tinbers and once there I found this “secret garden”, I will not tell you exactly where it is found, you will have to go out and explore the sim for it!

My Secret Garden

As you can tell from the picture this location was just perfect for the outfit that I am wearing, a new creation from Luas called Kaysa that is available at the current round of Kinky Event.