Be naughty, safe santa the trip

It is Christmas season, the time of year where every boy and girl tries desperate to be good to get on Santa’s “nice list” and get a present. Screw that, be naughty! Sure good girls get a present from Santa at Christmas, but naughty girls get presents all the time. So be naughty, safe Santa the trip.

Be Naughty

There is lot to mention about this picture, new items that you have to go to one of the events for to get. Lets start with The Kinky Event., in this picture there are two items that are from this event. First there is the lingerie set from Moon Elixer called Your Princess. The second item from The Kinky Event is the tattoo from [White~Widow] called Arctic.

But also Short Leash has some new releases that are displayed in this picture, to begin with there is the Naughty & Nice Xmas it is a gacha set that is available right now at the XXX-Event and make for the perfect prop for your kink ispired pictuures….or simply look good in your home. The second item from Short Leash is The Little Sub Pillow that you can find at The Naughty List 3.

Now not for everything do you need to dash to an event, the cute hair that I used in this picture is the latest release by eXxEsS and is called (you guessed it) PomPom.


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