Doll in a box

December is the month where we spoil eachother and especially little kids, over here in The Netherlands it is not uncommon for kids to receive presents twice, once at Sinterklaas and later that month at Christmas. Fun fact for all you non dutch people who are now wondering what Sinterklaas is… is the original Santa!

Doll in a box

So since this is the month of giving, I decided I once more would become a present myself, and this time I will be a doll in a box. And of course a doll with a twist, perfect designed for adults to play with and have lots of fun.

There are two items in this picture that I want to mention, the “box” that I am in is actually a cage by Dollmart named cage, The cage is actually part of a 3 piece set that is available right now at The Kinky Event. The entire set is called A Kinky Christmas and consists of a cross, bondage horse and the cage shown in this picture.\

The second item in this picture that I wanted to mention is also from The Kinky Event it is a creation by Luas and is called Scarlett.


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