Forgive me father for I am about to sin

Chances are I am so going to hell for this picture, and I really have no excuse other than Salt & Pepper made me do it. The outfit that I am wearing in this picture is called Like a Prayer and is still available at the current round of Romp.

Forgive me father I am about to sin

How do you get this sexy outfit? Well you go to Romp and play the gacha, you have a 10% chance of winning the rares, but even without the rares you can create an amazing and sexy look. Or actually something very sweet and innocent. But we all know that I would never be able to pull of the sweet and innocent look!

The outfit is available for the Maitreya Lara, Slink Hourglass, and the Belleza Isis & Freya mesh bodies. All the bra\s (not worn here) have a hud to change the piping. The rares, harness, long dress, habit all include a hud with which you can change the colours.

Aloriana is wearing:
Mesh head : LeLutka – Simone 2.0 (bento)
Mesh body : Maitreya – Lara
Head applier : session – Tanya (tone 4) @ The Liason Collaborative
Body applier : session – Tone 4
Shape : session – Tanya shape
Hands : Vista – Bento mesh hands
Habit : Salt & Pepper – Like a prayer habit (rare) @ Romp
Clamps : Salt & Pepper – Like a prayer clams (common) @ Romp
Harness : Salt & Pepper – Like a prayer harness (rare) @ Romp
Rosary : Salt & Pepper – Like a prayer rosary (common) @ Romp
Prop : Ama & Nais – Bondage Bar @ Romp
Light : LUMIPro

These boots are made for…lounging

I bet I know what inspired Salt & Pepper to make these wonderful Elvie boots for the Bloom : Springtime Market & Gacha Grove. Several times she has mentioned how much she loved riding her new bento horse in the dunes surrounding her mainstore. So it is hardly surprising that she incorporated that passion in her latest release.

For the love of boots

Now I am sure you imagined that the picture would be me on one of those horses, riding of in the sunset, perhaps zoomed in on the boots. Admittedly that idea did come to mind, but then a new pose of DS’ELLES changed my mind. These boots are an outfit all on their own, and this sexy sweet pose does bring that out in my opinion.

Aloriana is wearing :
Mesh head : Catwa – Kimberly
Mesh body : Belleza – Freya
Head applier : session – Nina (tone 1)
Body applier : session – Tone 1
Shape : session – Nina shape
Eyes : IKON – Charm Paradise
Hair : ExXeSs – Tequila
Hands : Vista – Bento mesh hands
Nais : Gorgeous Dolls – Slay
Boots : Salt & Pepper – Evie @ Bloom : Springtime Market & Gacha Grove
Prop : DS’ELLES – Love Pose Letter
Light : LUMIPro

Out for a ride

It might finally happen, the sun is shining the temperature is slowly rising, does this really mean the end of winter and that sunny days are going to be the norm again? With that very thought in mind I set out to make the picture for today.

Out for a ride

The outfit that I am wearing in this picture is the catsuit Bree from Salt & Pepper that is available at the Mesh Body Addicts right now.  The suit comes in five single colours, every suit includes a hud to change and the colour of the belt and the metals.

Aloriana is wearing :
Mesh head : Catwa – Lona @ Skin Fair
Mesh body : Maitreya – Lara
Head applier : session – Naomi (tone 3)
Body applier : session – Maitreya (tone 3)
Shape : session – Naomi shape
Eyes : IKON – Sovereign Chocolate
Hair : ExXeSs – Sangria
Hands : Vista – Bento mesh hands
Nais : Gorgeous Dolls  – Slay
Outfit : Salt & Pepper – Catsuit Bree @ Mesh Body Addicts
Light : LUMIPro

“Rope Bunny”

Oh where to start, there is so much about this picture some things are quite visible and then there are other things that you cannot see on the picture, but you definite need to see! And how will you see you ask? Well very easy you just have to go to the place that I will mention in a bit.

Rope Bunny

Some time ago I was fortunate enough to meet an amazing lady by the name of Allison Black not only does she create great latex clothes. But she also just opened a new club called Skin where all your latex fetish desires can come true. *chuckles* definitely not a place to go with your kids, but the club is just perfect to take pictures in like I did here, or who knows…a naughty adventure or two.

So yes it is once more a naughty picture of me, but I do want to claim innocence here and want to say it is all due to Salt & Pepper creating this sexy harness Yumi that is available right now at the Japonica fair.  The Yumi harness consists of different parts, there is the harness itself, and binders for both arms and legs. And as we have come to expect from Salt & Pepper there is a hud for both parts, to set the colour to your liking.

Now I think it should be very obvious that I am completely innocent of feeling naughty and having sought out the wonderful club Skin . After all when Salt & Pepper creates something as delicious naughty as the Yumi it just demands to be shown off at a delicious naughty place. Oooh and this is fresh from the press, as I write this, Allison Black  just informed me that the grand opening of Skin is next sunday (the 26th), so of you enjoy latex, or clubbing, or a naughty good time, or all the above. You definite want to be there!

SKIN grand-opening

Aloriana is wearing:
Mesh head : LeLutka – Simone 2.0 @ Skin Fair
Mesh body : Maitreya – Lara
Head applier : session – fae  for LeLutka (tone 1) @ Skin Fair
Body applier : session – Maitreya (tone 1) @ Skin Fair
Shape : session – fae shape for LeLutka @ SkSkin Fair
Eyes : IKON – Triumph Kawaii
Hair : ExXeSs – Sucre
Hands : Vista  – Bento mesh hands
Nais : Gorgeous Dolls  – Slay
Tattoo : Carol G. . – Lace Roses @ Skin Fair
Harness : Salt & Pepper – Yumi @ Japonica
Leg binder : Salt & Pepper – Yumi @ Japonica
Arm binder: Salt & Pepper – Yumi @ Japonica
Light : LUMIPro

Kiss me I’m irish

Unless you are living under a rock, you must know that it is St Patrick’s Day today, which meant that all over SL there will be parties and events in that theme. And in case you wonder what to wear to a party, and are about to go shop, no need! At Salt & Pepper the free group gift right now are the Mars & Venus Harness in a special St Patricks Day edition.

Kiss me I'm Irish

Aloriana is wearing:
Mesh head : Catwa – Lona @ Skin Fair
Mesh body : Belleza – Freya
Head applier : session – fae (tone 1) @ Skin Fair
Body applier : session – Belleza (tone 1) @ Skin Fair
Eyes : session – Sensual Green eye
Hair : ExXeSs – Xiola
Nais : Gorgeous Dolls  – Slay
Harness : Salt & Pepper – Venus St. Patrick @ Mainstore FREE groupgift
Pose : eTc – Sephie Series 7 2
Light : LUMIPro

Caught in the act

With all these wonderful events that have started and that are about to start, a girl just has to be creative to make the L$ required to go on an extensive shopping spree. So here we are a dark rainy night, and a certain shop-a-holic is just about to slip in through a window…when flash a lightbulb went off….caught in the act

Caught in the act

This picture is very special, it is the item from Salt & Pepper for the current round of The Arcade. It is the Cat Lady gacha. Why is this one so special? It is the first time that Salt & Pepper is sponsoring The Arcade definite something to be proud of.

The outfit is available in the following sizes (that you have to play separately for) Maitreya, Slink Hourglass, Belleza Isis & Freya. The static gloves should be worn either without hands attached, or with your mesh hands alpha’d out. Now it is important to know that the bento claws only fit on the bento gloves they are not made to fit your bento hands.

Also when you wear the bento Cat Lady Gloves from this gacha, you will need to remove your bento hands or at least that is what I had to do with my Vista hands. And of course it goes without saying that you will need a bento ao to see the finger movements.

Also you will find out that Salt & Pepper is spoiling us, with every 25th play of the machine you get a reward, the Cat Lady’s Cat. You will receive two versions of this gift, one for each shoulder to wear. The gift is no transfer and will not be available anymore once The Arcade  is over.

Aloriana is wearing :
Mesh head : Catwa – Catya
Mesh body : Belleza – Freya
Head applier : Sessions – Jewel(tone 2)
Body applier : Sessions – Belezza (tone 2)
Eyes : Sessions – Midnight Eye
Catsuit : Salt & Pepper – Cat Lady Catsuit black (rare) @ The Arcade
Mask : Salt & Pepper – Cat Lady mask black (rare) @ The Arcade
Boots : Salt & Pepper – Catwoman boot (rare) @ The Arcade
Gloves : Salt & Pepper – Catwoman glove bento (rare) @ The Arcade
Claws : Salt & Pepper – Catwoman claws bento silver @ The Arcade
Light : LUMIPro

The original “whoopass” Girl

Yeah that is right, we know them these days as the powerpuff girls but that is not how it started in the beginning. But as soon as they claimed we were “sugar and spice, and everything nice”  I knew it was time for me to go….*sniffles* so no Whoopass Girls for me after all


As you might have guessed from those few lines the theme of todays picture is the 90’s and it has been picked because of the dress of Salt&Pepper that I am wearing in this picture. The outfit called Heather that is available right now at the Rewind : a 90’s Throwback event.

This wonderful metallic leather dress comes in eight single colours or as a fatpack that includes all colours. The fatpack is of course completely hud driven.
Aloriana is wearing:
Mesh head : Catwa – Catya
Mesh body : Maitreya – Lara
Head applier : Sessions – Mia (tone 2)
Body applier : Sessions – Maitreya (tone 2)
Hands : Vista– Bento mesh hands
Nails : Gorgeous Dolls  – Slay
Eyes : Sessions – Magical Blue
Hair : Rezology – Butterfly 151
Dress : Salt&Pepper – Heather @ Rewind : a 90’s Throwback event
Light : LUMIPro