Sweet as caramel

Normal you see me in quite the light skin tones, all kind of shades of pale. So it was time to shake things up for a bit, and go for something darker. Now anyone that ever seen one of my pictures or *gasps* read my blog, might have noticed that I am blessed to blog for Nunu’s Skins & Shapes which means that I got allll the skin tones (yay) so for the picture below I revisited the Anna skin in the skintone caramel.

Sweet as caramel

In a few days a new round of The Fantasy Collective will start, and one of the amazing outfits you can get there is the one I am wearing in above picture from Wicca’s Wardrobe the Caeda. This outfit is a gacha outfit, all the items that you see me wearing are the rare ones *ponders* well I assume they are the rare ones cause they were in the rare pack. The only ones I know for sure that are rare are the top and bikini bottom…why do I know for sure they are the rare? Because it said so in the name!

Now in a previous post I mentioned that I went and got myself the Catya Bento head from Catwa and I have absolutely fallen in love with it. What was a very welcome surprise is that the hair I am using here from Tableau Vivant Glenn just fits perfectly. Those of you with a Bento head might have experienced by now how it can happen that some of your favorite hairs simply do not fit right anymore. But not with this style from Tableau Vivant, well at least not for me.

Now with the caramel skin tone from Nunu’s Skins & Shapes , with that outfit from Wicca’s Wardrobe I knew exactly where I wanted to go to make my picture. So I want over to Fall Trace, I absolutely love the colours there, if you have not been there yet…you definite will have to go I guarantee you, you will spend hours exploring and enjoying the beauty.

Now once there I did not want to change my windlight settings and risk it affecting the wonderful look from the sim, so luckily with my Lumipro I am able to direct some suble light right where I want it, namely on me.


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