The original “whoopass” Girl

Yeah that is right, we know them these days as the powerpuff girls but that is not how it started in the beginning. But as soon as they claimed we were “sugar and spice, and everything nice”  I knew it was time for me to go….*sniffles* so no Whoopass Girls for me after all


As you might have guessed from those few lines the theme of todays picture is the 90’s and it has been picked because of the dress of Salt&Pepper that I am wearing in this picture. The outfit called Heather that is available right now at the Rewind : a 90’s Throwback event.

This wonderful metallic leather dress comes in eight single colours or as a fatpack that includes all colours. The fatpack is of course completely hud driven.
Aloriana is wearing:
Mesh head : Catwa – Catya
Mesh body : Maitreya – Lara
Head applier : Sessions – Mia (tone 2)
Body applier : Sessions – Maitreya (tone 2)
Hands : Vista– Bento mesh hands
Nails : Gorgeous Dolls  – Slay
Eyes : Sessions – Magical Blue
Hair : Rezology – Butterfly 151
Dress : Salt&Pepper – Heather @ Rewind : a 90’s Throwback event
Light : LUMIPro

Something different

I do love black and white photographs, to me they always give a certain artistic feeling, yet it is a very rare thing for me to make a black and white photo, but yesterday I tried my hand at it once more and must admit I do like the result.

Something Different

Now as sexy as I am, there is of course more to this picture than just me, there are several new creations that I get to proudly display here. Such as the Chiara outfit from Wicca’s Wardrobe, for this picture I am wearing the leather version. But if you head over to the Fetish Fair (where this outfit is from) you can also found the latex version there.

One of the other things in this picture is one of the new hairstyles from Rezology, the Butterfly 190 and have I mentioned yet that this hair is rigged especially for bento heads? Now the last new item in this picture is the pose, it is one of the latest releases from eTc called Laying 13 and isn’t it just yum?! As with the other poses, you get both the animation as well as the object. I will gladly admit I have fallen in love with the poses of Curtis and Envy.

Aloriana is wearing:
Mesh head : Catwa – Catya
Mesh body : Maitreya– Lara
Head applier : Sessions – Mia(tone 2)
Body applier : Sessions – Maitreya (tone 2)
Hands : Vista – Bento mesh hands
Nails : Gorgeous Dolls – Slay
Eyes : Sessions – Midnight Eye
Hair : Rezology – Butterfly 190
Outfit : Wicca’s Wardrobe – Chiara (leather) @ Fetish Fair
Pose : eTc – Laying 13
Light : LUMIPro

Every pet needs a home

A lot of fun new stuff in todays blog, some from the Hentai Fair and some from the Kinky Event. Combine them and you get…rawr!.

Every pet needs a home

First thing I want to mention about this picture is the Sexy slave dog house from Astralia I picked this up at the Hentai Fair and it is just a great fun prop. Well I guess it is a bit more than just a prop, the little house comes with a hud which allows you to change the colour of the feeding mat as well as the letters above the entrance. And of course there are five different poses.

And well when you have such a nice home for a pet, you of course need a pet, and I looked and looked and looked but I did not find any pets at the Kinky Event so I decided to volunteer myself and go life in the dog house.

And this little pet is not just naked in her shiny new house, nope there were several fun items at Kinky Event There is the “outfit” from JF Design Cordia that consists of Bra and Panties, well I guess I really should not call it an outfit….though for me it is! The next item you cannot miss, it is the amazing new tattoo from Carol G. called Intense. I know some people are worried with their bento hands, that they will not be able to wear tattoos anymore. Well you can stop worrying, in her latest tattoos Carol G. included an applier for the bento hands, such as you can see on the Vista hands I am using.

In previous posts I mentioned the wonderful skins from Sessions, and in this picture I am again using one of them, the Naomi. What I did not mention before is that the shape (the shape for the head) is also from Sessions! The body I am using is Lara from Maitreya the head is of course from Catwa,and is the bento Catya head. The hairstyle in this picture is one of the latest releases from Rezology called Danger.


A new round of Shiny Shabby has started, and that means that amongst of the many treasures you can find there, there will also be a new amazing tattoo from [White~Widow] and that tattoo combined with a fun pose from eTc Poses, form the base for todays blog.


Now shall we go from top to bottom? Starting at my feet, you will see some something quite rare for me, you see a pair of sexy nylons that are part of the Nardcotix set called Lucia. Now the next thing you will see on me is available at Shiny Shabby right now, it is of course the wonderful tattoo Harmonium from [White~Widow] .

What we see next is the wonderful bento head from Catwa, the Catya. And I have so fallen in love with the entire bento system. The new sliders make it so much fun to create a new look or just make some slight alterations. The look I have right now is from the Mia 30 skin from Sessions  you can get a wonderful shape with it. What I did, is use the numbers of that shape with the body that I really like, and then tinkered some.

Now we come to the second piece of bento mesh that I own, and of course I am talking about the bento hands from Vista . The wonderful nails you see on my hands, are specifically rigged for bento and are the Savage Doll Slay Nails from Gorgeous Dolls.

Now there are just two more things I want to mention, there is of course the wonderful pose with prop from eTc Poses Laying 7 (with chair). And of course the light for this picture has once more been provided by that wonderful little tool from LUMIPro.


Some times there are just so many new things in a picture that I am at a loss on what yo name the blog, and today definitely was one of these days. We have a new outfit from Wicca’s Wardrobe, new hair from Rezology, a new tattoo from Carol G. and then of course a wonderful pose from eTc. So to make it easier for myself, I decided to this time simply name the post after the outfit.


Now what do we have here? There is of course my Maitreya Lara mesh body, with the mesh head Catya from Catwa. Now being the lazy wench that I am (and because I simply love it) I am still using the Mia 30 skin from Sessions, I simply adore the detail that went into the skin, the lines below the eyes, just giving that extra touch of realism. The hair is one of the new ones from Rezology Kylie which has been specifically rigged for Bento heads.

Now the wonderful outfit from Wicca’s Wardrobe is called Thalia and is available right now aht the Stormwood Hills event. The tattoo from Carol G. is called Epic Flowers and is available at the Mesh Body Addicts. The tattoo comes with an applier for your Vista bento hands, so that made me quite the happy little camper.

The fun little pose I am using here is from eTc Poses called Kneeling 8. You definite have to go and visit the store of Curtis and Envy , their poses are amazing just take a look at their flickr and you will be amazed at how artistic their creations are.

I am not spoiled, I am a princess

Now before I go on about the picture, I am tickled pink that I am allowed to blog for eTc Poses. I am a great fan of both Envy and Curtis their SL photography is amazing, a true inspiration for me. Now apart from being amazing photographers they also make some of the most sensual poses you will find within SecondLife.

I am not spoiled, I am a princess

So yes here I am proudly doing my first blog for eTc Poses using the pose Female Floor Pose 7 that you can find either in their main store, or if you are lazy like me you can simply go to their shop on the marketplace.

There are a few more things in this picture that I think deserves to be mentioned, of course no matter how sweet a pose is, you still need a good looking avatar. And recently I been trying for the sweet innocent look again (mind you I do not claim that I am!) and one of the things I did was going to Pink Fuel and got the Bambi skin in the Crystal skintone, and boy does that give such a sweet and innocent look.

Have I mentioned yet that I have fallen in love with the Catya bento head from Catwa? So many looks you can create by simply playing a bit with sliders. The hair that I am using is one from Rezology, and has been fitted especially for bento heads. Now of course since everyone customizes their head, it can mean that you have to play with your sliders a bit to get the perfect match. But that is a small price to pay for being able to customize your look I think.

50 shades of pink

A few days ago I made a picture where my butt was at least 50 shades of red, due to the nature of the picture I did not blog it, but you can see it here  (NSFW). Today making a picture that honestly is all about the wonderful tattoo off [White~Widow] I once again find my butt to be a colour….

50 shades of pink

*sighs* and no my butt was not red this time from a good time a.k.a. a spanking, but from this fun little Bad Girl Shorts from Real Evil. Right now you can empty out their store for 40% off and that is exactly what I have done. I mean, let’s face it I am way to naughty for Santa to give me presents..*ponders* or not naughty enough perhaps…..either way, who needs Santa when you get 40% off at Real Evil?!

Now back to the mean item of this picture so eyes up please I am talking of course about this wonderful tattoo by [White~Widow]. Some of you might recognize this tattoo, it is of course the Music Box but now it is the season 2 version with three new colours : Lavender, Green and Yellow. The lavender is the one I am wearing in this picture. Now since I recently switch to not only a Bento head but also to Bento hands from Vista, I was a bit worried if the applier would work well. And it kind of does as you can see in the picture. I used the omega applier for the entire body and it gave the high intensity tattoo and that worked.

Now since I used a Maitreya body I used the regular Maitreya applier first and then choose medium, switched to the omega applier for the hand…and those always came out full intensity, now there is a chance that I been doing something wrong, I have not had these hands for that long yet.

Now the last thing to see on this picture will be the hair from Rezology that I am wearing, and well with a name like Lovely Lass how could I not play with this hairstyle?. Now to end this post, for the light I made use again of LUMIpro, the 2017 version. if you have a friend who is into SL photography and you do not know what to get them, I can recommend getting this hud…they will love you longtime!