Pretty in pink

Not the most inspired title of this blog, I will gladly admit that, but it is one of those days or rather week where I cannot find any inspiration at all for the title of a blog. And that is kinda silly, I can make the picture fast enough and to be quite happy with the result but then the naming… I understand all the LOTD (look of the day) posts.

Pretty in pink

So what we have here? Let’s go and admire me top to bottom. First we start with the hair, and this time it is one of Truth called Valentina.  And what I so love about these hairs form Tuth (but honestly more creators do it now) is the style hud, for those small changes in your hair.

And of course there is the sexy outfit I am wearing, well actually it are two items, but don’t they make a sexy outfit. The items that I am wearing are of course from Candy Kitten, the top is called Good Babygirl top and the skirt is called….you guessed it Good Babygirl skirt. Both items come with a hud allowing to change the colour of the top and the colour of the different parts of the skirt.

Last but certainly not least is the pose I am using, once again it is a pose of one of my favorite stores Bauhaus Movement, the pose I am using is one out of their Shadow Bliss series.


A touch of Japanese inspired erotica

I love to write little stories about what I am wearing and what motivated me to make this specific picture, but there are times where the information a creator provides with the work is much better than anything I could write. So after the picture all you read comes from Salt & Pepper.

A touch of japanese inspired erotica

The Miya robe was created to hold the upper arms tied to the body and has therefore a pose included. The pose has the highest possible SL priority and should work with any AO or other poses too and ensure the arms to be in the same tied position. This garment is not suppose to move freely.

However with SL, it can happen that after jumping into a few poses, the integrated pose gets overwritten. If you see your upper arms moving freely, just detach and re-attach the dress again.

Now some notes from me, if you are like me a big fan of the creations of Salt & Pepper you will recognize the look. The Miya robe is in the same style as a gacha creation (that you can still get at the mainstore) from some time ago, the ropes and flowers. The nipple clamps, cuffs and gag that I wear in this picture are from that set. And see how they just complete eachother?

Now it is understandable that seeing and reading is you want yo know where you can buy the Miya robe, and lucky for you that information is coming right now. All you need to do is head over to Japonica.

Naughty little dollie

You ever wondered what toys are up to when you are not looking? If that cute little dolly you have might be frolicking with the cowboy? (ok I totally ripped that from toy story) but it is kinda what came to my mind when I made this picture. Feeling impish and just a little naughty

Naughty little dollie

Such a innocent (well innocent?!) yet naughty picture and so many new things to see in it!  To start I use the Nova hairstyle from eXxEsS to give myself a bit of an edgy look that hopefully works with the wicked doll look I tried to create.

Oh you might notice that I look a bit different than in my other pictures, the reason for that might be that I treated myself to one of the newer heads of Catwa, in this case the Keme and since I was in a shopping mood I darted over to Pink Fuel to get a new skin (I sooo love her skins) and ended up buying Adeline in the snow tint.

Feeling especially wicked I want some more to make that evil dolly or rather work on that evil dolly look. So it was of to Sinful Needs to shop around there, and I ended up with the Kali Split Tongue that I am so happily sticking out at you in this picture.

You might notice the marks on my face and body (and aren’t they pretty?) they are from Cureless [+] called Healed Cherry Blooms. And since I was in that store (like a kid in the candy store) I could not resist in getting a new pair of eyes from there, the Eyes of Lilith.

Then finally we come to the item that really caused me to create this picture, that inspired all this wickedness, the Tell me secret dress from Candy Kitten.. Now of course it might make you wonder why this all encouraged me to make this particular slightly wicked picture, that was a comment someone made “awww don’t you look like a naughty little dollie”



Happy ending at barber station

Well since you all did not run screaming, or leave me messages saying that my rambling is boring you all to death, I decided to do another longer post about one of the creations of Quasi this time the item is called Hipster Barer Station.


Now as you can see it is once more definite a set you just have to have if you want to spoil your well anyone you want! And with a name like that you can imagine where you can find this item, that’s right a the Hipster Event.  As with the previous item that I blogged, there are different animations in this set, and I again picked just three to give you an impression.


Now after a good haircut there is so much more you can do to make someone relax, feel treasured and special. Like a nice soothing massage. But allow me to give you some expert advice, if you use a hot towel to put on someone’s face do not take the hot part to literal or they will fly out of that chair and dance around (which can be quite funny to see).


Mmm and did you really expect me to write about a fun item like this and leave out the naughty part? You should know by now that if there is something naughty, be it in clothes or in furniture/decorations like this Hipster Barber Station I cannot resist showing it. And as you can see, my model did not mind one bit at all. Being spoiled indeed, a haircut, a massage and a happy ending!

Benefits of a good workout

Todays post is all about a work-out and the good fun that one can have with it. Of course with every blog post there is at least one item the focal point of the post. And this time it is the Pull-Up exercise equipment of Quasi.


And as anyone who ever been serious about doing a workout, it always goes better when there is someone with you, be it spotting you or as I am doing right now, counting each time a successful pull-up is done.


But no matter how much you count, or encourage, there are times where other means are required to motivate to finish the workout. Now I am firm believer of the carrot or the stick method. And nice person that I am, I always start with the carrot, offering up a prize something they can get….if they are a good boy and complete the workout.


And yes I know a bit ago I mentioned the “carrot”  a reward when the workout was complete a goal to work for. But then I got to think “what about me?” . I mean I have been working hard here as well! I have been encouraging, counting, motivating and wiggling my boobs. So yeah….I definite were the one who deserved that carrot!

Pfew if you made it this far, thank you for reading it all. As you can see this post is all about this wonderful item  the Pull-Up from Quasi. And even though there are just three pictures in this blog, I hope that I was able to show you how much fun can be had if you incorporate this little item in a nice RP session.

Nipple slip 2.0

Ever since the performance of Janet Jackson, we all have heard (and seen!) the nipple slip a.k.a. “wardrobe malfunction”  and well I am sure there can be some improvement on that part

Nipple Slip 2.0

And I am sure that is exactly what Luas thought….how to improve on a nipple slip and to make that the theme of their creation Rieko at The Kinky Event. But of course that is not the only new thing in this picture, another new item that I am wearing here is the Unsane tattoo from [White~Widow] that you can find at the current round of Uber.

Angel of love

Rumor has it that you all believe that a fat baby with wings is responsible for people falling in love, by shooting arrows at then…really falling in love by getting hit with an arrow? Let me tell you how it really works, you have an angel of love slipping in your bedroom in the middle of the night, whispering all kinds of sweet nothings in your ear about another person and -that- is what makes people fall in love.

Angel of love

Now here is the thing about being an angel of love the job can be such fun (who doesn’t enjoy whispering naughty things in the dark) but besides the wings, the job really does not come with any clothes. And I tell you…this time of yours, angel or not you can freeze your butt off.

So in order to safe myself from getting frostbite on sensitive parts I first went shopping at Candy Kitten, the outfit there that caught my eye was love to love. Now even though the outfit comes with some angel wings, for this picture I used wings from the Icon set from Blueberry.

There are two more things that I definite need to mention in this post, every picture needs a good background, and for this picture I made use of the Forgotten door photobox from D.U.S.T. to give just that nice mystical atmosphere. And then of course there is the pose, the one I used is one from the Gritty Beats // No Relief set from Bauhaus Movement.