Day at the beach

With weather this beautiful it is no surprise that you will see a lot of posts be summer themed, and I happily hitch a ride on that bandwagon with the following post. But to be honest this entire post has been inspired by the prop that I am using, the Sensual Diamond from DS’ELLES that will be available at the next round of Pose Fair.

Day at the beach

Now I had those fun rocks (lots of different poses) so it was only logical for me to pose in a bikini or a bathing suit, so going through my inventory and tossing aside all ideas I decided to think a bit out of the box. So what I am wearing in this picture is not a bathing suit but some lingerie, the Sandy Bodysuit from ::NOIR:: that is available right now at The Kinky Event.  Now with the sun so high in the sky, you need a little something, not just to protect your eyes (I guess that is important too) but mostly because standing there with your eyes all squinted due to the sun so does not look sexy. Good thing you already are at  The Kinky Event so you can pick up the Nikotov eyewear from [VERSOV].

Last but most certainly not least there is a new tattoo out from [White~Widow] that you can see here, it is called Lolita and will be available on the upcoming round of We ❤ RP.


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