Smoking a fat one

Names can be so deceiving can’t  they? With a name like Smoke Couch I did expect some furniture with well smoking animations. Oh boy how naïve I was! Of course I really could and should have known better considering this is an item from Quasi that is available right now at the Red Light District.

Smoking a fat one

As you can see from the picture the couch indeed has some poses for smoking, though truth be told this blog should end with me smoking a cigarette considering all the other animations of the couch. Now it is important to realize that all the items you see in this picture are sold separately. So in this picture we have the Smoke CouchSlave with Cock Leash, Slave Table and the Dope Neon Sign.

Smoking a fat one 2

If anything else this picture should be enough proof that we are dealing with creation from Quasi. There are several animations in the couch that will make you really earn that smoke…..or as in this picture enjoy some in between more intense plays. Considering all the animations, the statues……I doubt that a cigarette was what the good people at Quasi had in mind when they created this item.


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