Ropes make for perfect lingerie

Well the title of this post should leave very little to the imagination, or perhaps make you imagine a lot of fun things? Of course considering the sheer amount of rope harnesses that you can buy in Second Life  that should be no surprise to anyone.

Ropes make for perfect lingerie

Now even though the title of this post says that ropes make for perfect lingerie, as you can see on this picture it also makes for a great looking accessory. The outfit that I am wearing on this picture is from Luas and called Trini and is available on The Kinky Event right now.  The pack contains both the harness as well as the dress so you can wear each piece separate, and well you have to believe my word for it (or get the demo at the event!) but just wearing the harness is seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeexy!


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