“Spank me, it is how I learn”

Chances are that I have used this title before, but I honestly cannot remember and have yet to discover a function within WordPress that allows me to search on names of posts easily.  But a spanking is definite what I need (or deserve?) where I used to make 3-4 pictures a week, I realize that I been as lazy as can be and this month (so far) am at 4 pictures for the entire month.

Spank me

So yeah I am definite in need of a good spanking, and as you can see from the above picture that was obliged quickly enough. The item you see myself draped over is one of the latest creations of Quasi called Bendover Lover Bench, and with a name like that you simply knoooow you are in for a good time. I just have one wish with this bench and that would be a way to speed/slow the spankings…….

AS for the background in this picture, I happily made use of the Grind City Bedroom that I blogged before here.


Now after every good spanking there needs to be a reward, and if you read my previous blogs about some of the creations of Quasi you should know that there are plenty of animations in the furniture, so definite some of them that I would consider a reward, of course that is not implying that a good spanking is not a reward all on it’s own!


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