Princess Unicorn

Summer has arrived here in The Netherlands the last few weeks the sun has been out in full force, though as wonderful the summer is it has one bad effect (at least on me) and that is that it makes me lazy! It is hard to find motivation to sit at my computer, so I think it has been about two weeks since my last post (if not longer).

Unicorn princess

The picture above I made two weeks ago, right after the opening of the new club at Candy Kitten called Princess Unicorn. And such a fun event it was, and for the opening theme it was of course unicorn themed!

Now as far as what I am wearing, will it surprise you very much that for the grand opening of the club of Candy Kitten I choose one of the outfits of Candy Kitten to wear? I thought not.  Now even though she made several unicorn themed creations I decided against using one of those, and instead well….make this look. Both the top and the skirt I am wearing are from the Sweet Sinner Fishnet line.  Now if you have ever seen pictures of me before you know that I love to mix the naughty and the sweet, and this outfit is just perfect for that. I guess I could have worn panties and a bra, but in my opinion that would defeat the purpose of wearing fishnet clothes!

Now there are two more things I want to mention about this picture, first there is the tattoo or I should say tattoos! They are from Stardust and in this picture I am using two tattoos. there is the Estella that I wear on my Catwa head, the Ester tattoo on my upper body and to finish the look, the Estee on my lower body.

Of course you cannot claim to be a unicorn princess if you have no horn, that is only common sense. so I picked a horn from Yummy  the Unicorn Head Chain – Ivory to complete the look.


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