All creamy (want a taste?)

Now, go get your mind out of the gutter. As you can see I was obviously creating something yummy and am merely offering a taste.

All creamy (want a taste?)

And as sweet as this picture is, there are actually two new creations in this picture, both of them are from Pink Diamond. First there is the Sugar cream Whisk which is available right now at On9. And the whisk has so many fun features

💋 30 Custom RP Emotes
Menu based emotes with Owner only, Group only and Public access modes.
15 Owner Emotes
15 Pet / Babygirl / Submissive Emotes

💋 Texture Change
Choose between 8 bow colours, 4 Accent Colours and 8 Stud Colours in 2 Pattern Combinations!

💋 Custom Bento Animation Hold
Simply wear, and then touch your whisk to turn the animation on & off.

Now the second item in this picture is also from  Pink Diamond and it is the cute hairclip with the perfect name Bunbun Cutie Clip. The clip comes with a hud that allows you to change the colours of both the pearls or the clip.


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