Daddy’s little kitten, here to have fun

We all know that kitten’s are such devilish impish delight, always playful and always up to no good, Well the last part is definite true for me. I mean it is never fun to be in trouble, but the getting in trouble can be so much fun!

Daddy's little kitten

So when I receive a creation called Babygirl Princess Paddle you better believe it wakes the playful kitten in me. Now this fun little creation is from Pink Diamond and as with previous creations there are some features to this paddle. First of all there is a hud that allows you to change the colour of different aspects of the paddle, and there are two animations for a slow and a fast spanking. Another option is that once you click the paddle you get a menu with some emotes.

The outfit however is what gave this post the name it does, and of course it is one of the latest creations of Candy Kitten with the name Here to have fun. And considering this specific outfit has the get naked function (also known as strippable) I imagine that there will be lots of fun to be had. Now the outfit does come with a paddle (paddles are a must for a good time!) but as mentioned earlier I chose to use a different paddle for this picture.

The pose I used for this picture is once more one from Bauhaus Movement (yes I am addicted to their poses) and is one from the NoiseBastardz collection. Now here we have it, Daddy’s little kittenhere to have fun!


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