Rock on!

I have made several posts now with the wonderful creations of Quasi, and even though I have mentioned how good the creations look and how well they fit in any home, the focus of these posts were always on the naughty aspect, the animations and poses within.

Rock on!

And as you can see this time I want to focus on the different aspect of these creations, believe me there is plenty of yummy naughtiness, but I want to show you all how amazing it all looks. The main part of the scenery is the Grind City Bedroom from Quasi that is available right now at 6th Republic. The following items from this set can be seen in the picture Grind City Bed (with al the yumminess), Grind City Nightstand, Grind City Dresser, Grind City Guitar, Grind City Rug, Grind City Rock Star Sign.

Now not every item you have seen in this picture is available at 6th Republic some of these items are from the Downtown Gacha set that you can get at the Quasi  mainstore. It is a 21 piece set, so you can imagine that I did not put every item out when I made this picture.  The pictures on the nightstand and the dresser, the entire back above the bed and the sign on the wall are all part of the Downtown Gacha  set.


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