It’s mine!

Ever cat owner knows, whatever you -think- that belongs to you, actually belongs to the cat and you are lucky if your cat allows you the use of it. Even though I am not a cat, the same rule applies to me….if I think it is mine, it is mine.

It's mine

Of course in this particular case that so backfired on me. Seeing this wonderful Kitten Quarters a co-production from Altair & Violent Seduction I climbed into it to make it mine…though really I should have checked for locks first! Now I got this creation at an event that has long been over, but I did a quick check and am happy to say that you can still get it at Altair I did check Violent Seduction as well but did not find this item for sale there.

The outfit that I am wearing in this picture is a new creation from Candy Kitten, the top is called Jasmine top and bra. The skirt that I am wearing in this picture is also from  Candy Kitten it is a somewhat older release the Sweet Sinner Skirt.

Last but sure not least we have the boots that so perfectly complement this look, the boots are from N-Core and are called Alyssa.


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