“Kinda sad and pensive”

You all know by now that I often struggle with naming a post, and today was no difference. Luckily there are always people I can ask for advice, sometimes they give a name or other times…..

ummm let me think lol
dunno you look kinda of sad and pensive.. like you are waiting on someone
you know im not good at names šŸ˜›

Kinda sad and pensive

What I am wearing in this picture is one of the latest creations of Luas, theĀ Oiran Kimono that is available at The Kinky Event. I have been spoiled and received the fatpack which means that there is a hud included for easy ” mix n match”Ā  which includes three exclusive fatpack patterns to customize the outfit to my liking.

As for the background I have been to The Epiphany and been playing a lot of the machines there, and one of them was very nice to me and awarded me thisĀ Dolly Queen Bed from Candy Doll, which was just perfect for me to stretch out on and make this picture.

The last items to mention in this picture are both on my head (which happens to be theĀ Lona head from Catwa, with Pink FuelĀ Bambi skin) is the hair that I picked up at Uber. To me it is a new creator, meaning I never picked up an item from there before, but I been told they been around for a long time…..tram and this particular hairstyle is calledĀ HO414.


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