Worship me

Todays post is all about a wonderful new item from Quasi called Worship Mattress, and where I can see the worship part in this creation, as in the context that being intimate with your lover is a form of worship, I cannot agree with the mattress part in the name. It really is so much more.

Matress 1

And again there are truly to many options in this creation to do it really just with a single post, so what I will do is give you an example of the different animations that are there. So as you can see from above it is not all naughty, there is actually a collection of sleeping poses for both single as well as dual.

Oh and isn’t it fitting that the one item that I want to mention in this picture that is not from Quasi is a wonderful new tattoo from [White~Widow] that you can soon find at The Kinky Event, this particular one is called Wildling.

Matress 2

Of course as you would expect there are tons of less than innocent animations in this creation as you can see from above picture, and believe me there definite is a wide selection of different animations. The mattress comes  with bento and non-bento animations, the bento ones (as you can see) animate your face as well, a fun little addition….though be warned I have found that on occasion your face can get stuck which can lead to unwanted, unexpected funny results.

Matress 3

And ladies no need to worry it is not all about -his- pleasure as you can hopefully tell from the above picture, there is a whole range of animations where your lover can properly worship you. There is also a wide selection of animations for the ladies that like to be in charge, where their lover enjoys being dominated.

Matress 4

Of course it is quickly about the sex, sex in all it’s forms and so many different ways to explore each other, that I just selected two pictures. Believe me if I were to make a picture of every possible animation this would be a really big post.

Matress 5

Another fun thing, you have seen how naughty you can be with this Worship Mattress from Quasi but if you just look at it, you would not think about all the possibilities. With the possibilities to change texture of the pillows, all the candles….it will definite have a place in any bedroom and not just your playroom!


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