This is one of those times where the name of the item blogged pretty much makes for the perfect name for the blog. And even though I am sure this amazing little outfit has been blogged at least a dozen times, I just have to add my own to that number as well.


What I am wearing in this picture is the WET the first interactive clothing from Salt & Pepper that you can get at The Epiphany right now. What I am wearing in the picture is the rare white dress. But do not worry even if you do not win the rare one by playing the gacha, all of the items in the gacha interact with the environment.

Now for the best explanation about what this interactive clothing is…I will quote the creator on this:

All items in this set react to the default SL water. When entering the water the water reaches the worn item, it will turn wet and start dripping.  You will need to stay in the sun for it to dry again. It will do that in steps, the dripping will slow and it slowly will get less transparent. it will take 2 minutes to get fully dry again.

It will not dry in your inventory if you take it off wet!

Do pay attention to where she said “will get less transparent” I did read over that and ended up shopping in a very transparent dress (as you can see in the picture) but luckily it dried real soon.


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