I want to be an unicorn

I am pretty sure that I already used this title for my blog sometime, but am just too darn lazy to check, and well…with an outfit like this Bunny wants to be unicorn fromCandy Kitten how can I not name my post like this?

I want to be an unicorn

And there is a lot to tell about this picture, so as usually lets take a closer look, start at the top and work our way to my bottom! First there is the new hairstyle from eXxEsS called Genova. I am always so excited when I receive a new hairstyle from eXxEsS the hud gives me so many colour options, and I never have any problems with the hair not fitting my head properly.

Most of the times you see me using one of my bento heads, usually one from Catwa, but this time I wanted to change things up again. We are so focused on bento and all the wonderful ways to customize our look, that it is very easy to forget that there are numerous amazing non bento heads out there, like the one I am using for this picture, the Bibi from Catwa.

Since I started with mentioning what I was wearing, there is just one more thing to mention. And that is the wonderful place where I made this picture Backdrop City. If you enjoy making pictures in SecondLife and at times are at a loss what background to use, this place is definite the place to be for you.


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