Nope, not gonna do it!

The easiest thing to do would be calling this post something ” like hanging around”  or ” letting me off the hook”  but that would be way to easy so am not gonna do that. Though both of that would be quite the accurate description as you are about to see.

Not gonna do it 1

Todays post is all about a creation from Quasi, and this particular item is called the Hooked Rope Play that you can get at The Kinky Event right now. And as promised in an earlier post I show some more of their Dark Half Library set in the background. To be more precise the two errr busts? behind me.

Not gonan do it 2

As you can see this is once more one of these items where you can have a fun and intense RP session with. Lots of fun poses and animations. Ranging from teasing playful to downright naughty. Of course I could make a picture of every single animation there is, but then this would be such a long post, and I am sure you rather discover them all for yourself.

Not gonna do it 3

Ok I will admit the hook is not something you can conveniently hang in your living room (well at least not in mine) without having a lot of questions to answer when people come over. But I think it definite belongs in any playroom.

As you can see I had a lot of fun playing with this item, trying it out and extensively testing every animation (had to adjust a pose sometimes but that is to be expected). So….definite worth getting, a great fun creation by Quasi, to get at The Kinky Event .


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