Pretty in pink

Not the most inspired title of this blog, I will gladly admit that, but it is one of those days or rather week where I cannot find any inspiration at all for the title of a blog. And that is kinda silly, I can make the picture fast enough and to be quite happy with the result but then the naming… I understand all the LOTD (look of the day) posts.

Pretty in pink

So what we have here? Let’s go and admire me top to bottom. First we start with the hair, and this time it is one of Truth called Valentina.  And what I so love about these hairs form Tuth (but honestly more creators do it now) is the style hud, for those small changes in your hair.

And of course there is the sexy outfit I am wearing, well actually it are two items, but don’t they make a sexy outfit. The items that I am wearing are of course from Candy Kitten, the top is called Good Babygirl top and the skirt is called….you guessed it Good Babygirl skirt. Both items come with a hud allowing to change the colour of the top and the colour of the different parts of the skirt.

Last but certainly not least is the pose I am using, once again it is a pose of one of my favorite stores Bauhaus Movement, the pose I am using is one out of their Shadow Bliss series.


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