“But Jessica Rabbit is great!”

Does the title of this post make sense? Not at all…that is unless you know some of the context that made me name the post this way. See I was talkin to Violet Inaka the blogger manager of Candy Kitten, about a new creation I just took a picture of, called Your very naughty bunny.

" But Jessica Rabbit is great!"

Now somewhere in our talk I stated “To paraphrase Jessica Rabbit, I am not bad I am just rendered that way” to which I immediately received the reply “But Jessica Rabbit is great!” and tada! a name for todays post was born!

Well as you have already read the outfit I am wearing in this picture is indeed from Candy Kitten and the name is Your very naughty bunny. Of course just looking at the picture you could wonder what the naughty part is. The naughtiness is of course in the fact that this is one of the get naked outfits. Which means that people can strip you…..(after you gave permission).


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