A touch of Japanese inspired erotica

I love to write little stories about what I am wearing and what motivated me to make this specific picture, but there are times where the information a creator provides with the work is much better than anything I could write. So after the picture all you read comes from Salt & Pepper.

A touch of japanese inspired erotica

The Miya robe was created to hold the upper arms tied to the body and has therefore a pose included. The pose has the highest possible SL priority and should work with any AO or other poses too and ensure the arms to be in the same tied position. This garment is not suppose to move freely.

However with SL, it can happen that after jumping into a few poses, the integrated pose gets overwritten. If you see your upper arms moving freely, just detach and re-attach the dress again.

Now some notes from me, if you are like me a big fan of the creations of Salt & Pepper you will recognize the look. The Miya robe is in the same style as a gacha creation (that you can still get at the mainstore) from some time ago, the ropes and flowers. The nipple clamps, cuffs and gag that I wear in this picture are from that set. And see how they just complete eachother?

Now it is understandable that seeing and reading is you want yo know where you can buy the Miya robe, and lucky for you that information is coming right now. All you need to do is head over to Japonica.


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