Naughty little dollie

You ever wondered what toys are up to when you are not looking? If that cute little dolly you have might be frolicking with the cowboy? (ok I totally ripped that from toy story) but it is kinda what came to my mind when I made this picture. Feeling impish and just a little naughty

Naughty little dollie

Such a innocent (well innocent?!) yet naughty picture and so many new things to see in it!  To start I use the Nova hairstyle from eXxEsS to give myself a bit of an edgy look that hopefully works with the wicked doll look I tried to create.

Oh you might notice that I look a bit different than in my other pictures, the reason for that might be that I treated myself to one of the newer heads of Catwa, in this case the Keme and since I was in a shopping mood I darted over to Pink Fuel to get a new skin (I sooo love her skins) and ended up buying Adeline in the snow tint.

Feeling especially wicked I want some more to make that evil dolly or rather work on that evil dolly look. So it was of to Sinful Needs to shop around there, and I ended up with the Kali Split Tongue that I am so happily sticking out at you in this picture.

You might notice the marks on my face and body (and aren’t they pretty?) they are from Cureless [+] called Healed Cherry Blooms. And since I was in that store (like a kid in the candy store) I could not resist in getting a new pair of eyes from there, the Eyes of Lilith.

Then finally we come to the item that really caused me to create this picture, that inspired all this wickedness, the Tell me secret dress from Candy Kitten.. Now of course it might make you wonder why this all encouraged me to make this particular slightly wicked picture, that was a comment someone made “awww don’t you look like a naughty little dollie”




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