Now I know how Gulliver felt

Have you ever wondered how Gulliver must have felt when he landed on the island Lilliput. Imagine if someone actually asked him inside, that definite would be a tight fit.

Now I know how Gulliver felt

What happened I was shopping with a friend, and we saw this cute and adorable dollhouse, after making the statement how spoiled the dolls are having such a nice home….I got dared “If you like it so much, why don’t you live in it?”.  Challenge accepted!  Sure it was a tight fit but you have to admit I look absolutely adorable, all dolled up squeezed into a dollhouse.

Now the pyjama I am wearing is just too adorable, perfect to be cute and lazy in your own home….or in my case in a dollhouse. The outfit that I am wearing is called “Cutepie bunny pyjama purple”  wow that sure is a mouth full and is one of the newer creations of Candy Kitten.


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