Happy ending at barber station

Well since you all did not run screaming, or leave me messages saying that my rambling is boring you all to death, I decided to do another longer post about one of the creations of Quasi this time the item is called Hipster Barer Station.


Now as you can see it is once more definite a set you just have to have if you want to spoil your well anyone you want! And with a name like that you can imagine where you can find this item, that’s right a the Hipster Event.  As with the previous item that I blogged, there are different animations in this set, and I again picked just three to give you an impression.


Now after a good haircut there is so much more you can do to make someone relax, feel treasured and special. Like a nice soothing massage. But allow me to give you some expert advice, if you use a hot towel to put on someone’s face do not take the hot part to literal or they will fly out of that chair and dance around (which can be quite funny to see).


Mmm and did you really expect me to write about a fun item like this and leave out the naughty part? You should know by now that if there is something naughty, be it in clothes or in furniture/decorations like this Hipster Barber Station I cannot resist showing it. And as you can see, my model did not mind one bit at all. Being spoiled indeed, a haircut, a massage and a happy ending!


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