Benefits of a good workout

Todays post is all about a work-out and the good fun that one can have with it. Of course with every blog post there is at least one item the focal point of the post. And this time it is the Pull-Up exercise equipment of Quasi.


And as anyone who ever been serious about doing a workout, it always goes better when there is someone with you, be it spotting you or as I am doing right now, counting each time a successful pull-up is done.


But no matter how much you count, or encourage, there are times where other means are required to motivate to finish the workout. Now I am firm believer of the carrot or the stick method. And nice person that I am, I always start with the carrot, offering up a prize something they can get….if they are a good boy and complete the workout.


And yes I know a bit ago I mentioned the “carrot”  a reward when the workout was complete a goal to work for. But then I got to think “what about me?” . I mean I have been working hard here as well! I have been encouraging, counting, motivating and wiggling my boobs. So yeah….I definite were the one who deserved that carrot!

Pfew if you made it this far, thank you for reading it all. As you can see this post is all about this wonderful item  the Pull-Up from Quasi. And even though there are just three pictures in this blog, I hope that I was able to show you how much fun can be had if you incorporate this little item in a nice RP session.


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