Invitation from the “March Hare”

I am lost! I went down the rabbit hole, which is kinda ironic come to think of it since it was an invitation from a “hare”. But down the rabbit hole I went, I zigged and zagged and now I am lost in these wonderful strange surroundings.

Invitation from the " March Hare"

As you can most likely (I hope) from the picture I had “Alice in Wonderland”  on my mind as I set out to make this picture. So I went out wandering all over second life until I found a location that was just perfect to take the picture I had in mind.  The place where this picture was taken is called Whole Wheat an amazing place with lots of scenes and backdrops rezzed out for all to use.

The outfit that I am wearing is one of Candy Kitten , and it is one I put on especially in honour of the March Hare….it is called Young Bunny. See I even have cute ears, and if you were able to sneak up behind me you would have noticed the cute little fluffy bunny tail.

The hair that I use in this picture is from the ever so talented eXxEsS this particular style is called Venezia. And last but certainly not least we have the wonderful pose, staying true to my most recent addiction I once more used a pose from Bauhaus Movement this time the (Screa-ming) Harder-Faster-Better-Louder 16


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