Danger in bloom

Once again a friend had to come to the rescue in naming this picture, I tell you I am terrible at coming up with names. So she suggested the name “Danger in Bloom”  because according to her I looked like  I was about to “kick some serious ass“.

Danger in bloom

And mm what can I tell you all about this picture? Let’s start at the top and work our way down, first of there is the hair from eXxEsS for this particular look I went with the Sangria style. The decoration in my hair is from [CerberusXing] called Ume Hairpin.

Now if you zoom in a bit (on my face!!) you see the next few items that I added for this look all the piercings are from [CerberusXing] being the Bento Piercing Labret/Medusa the Bento piercing snakebites and finally the Filigree Septum.

Going further we actually encounter three different tattoos from [White~Widow] but as you can see they work so beautiful together that I had no choice really bit to wear all three of them at once.  These are exclusive tattoos that you can get right now at the Skin Fair, the tattoos used in this picture are Hanabi, Okja and Ran.

And here I went and almost (well I did) post this blog without mentioning the last part about this picture, and that would be the pose. As you might have learned from my previous posts I so love the poses from Bauhaus Movement and that is what I used for this picture as well, it is a pose out of the Katana Rulez


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