The final kink

Ok it sounds more dramatic than it is, but this is my last post about the current round of  The kinky Event and well…let’s say I been a bit more kinkier this time than I normally I am.

No talk with your mouth full

So two pictures in this pose this time, partly because there are two items from the fair that I wish to blog, but also cause well…..just one picture does not do it just. What you see here, well the items from the event are the tattoo from Dappa called Taisho. The tattoo does come with a face applier as well, but as you can see from above picture……you would not be able to see it anyways!


Now the second item I want to mention is of course the delicious swing I am on, it has been made by Quasi and is abtly named Love Swing. Now there are lot of fun things about this swing as you can see from above pictures. It is bento, meaning that well….how to put it your lover can see your o face. It is also aeros enabled (I never knew there was such a thing) . Ah let the creator explain it!

Quasi items are compatible with your Aeros male attachment.

This is helpful in setting your penis into position for each animation with out you needing to adjust it on your HUD (We know your hands are busy)




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