Wuuuuuut The Wutttttt??? *thud*

Yes, yes I know you are used to see my sexy self here in various states of undress, but hey pick yourself up from the floor and push your eyes back in.  You know I have been making pictures of myself for so long, that it is quite exciting (and scary) to have others in my pictures, I really need to do it more often.

Wuuuuuut The Wutttttt??? *thud*

Now that you picked yourself up, and calmed down a bit let me tell you what all there is to see on this picture, well besides the obvious hunk that is! Now if you can stop drooling, let me tell you from head to toe, what all Rayek is wearing here. Firs thing we encounter is the hair, it is from Stealthic the Haunting style.

The hair is non-rigged but comes with a resizer script so without too much hassle you can make it fit just perfect. And I must say that I love how more and more hair creators are starting the trend of so called “styling huds”  which allow you to style your hair just a little bit different. Great invention, and something this hair from Stealthic has as well.

Next thin that pops out (well at least to me) is the tattoo, and you know I soooo adore my tattoos! This particular one has been created by of course [White~Widow] and is called Raven. What’s next, well that would have to be the outfit Rayek is wearing in this picture, it is a gacha outfit from Gabriel that you can get in the mainstore right now, it is the set called Dark Style Gear.

Last and most certainly not least there is the pose, and here I must admit that my handwriting is so terrible I cannot read back what the actual pose was, however what I know with 100% certainty is that the pose is from Bauhaus Movement.


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