Angel of love

Rumor has it that you all believe that a fat baby with wings is responsible for people falling in love, by shooting arrows at then…really falling in love by getting hit with an arrow? Let me tell you how it really works, you have an angel of love slipping in your bedroom in the middle of the night, whispering all kinds of sweet nothings in your ear about another person and -that- is what makes people fall in love.

Angel of love

Now here is the thing about being an angel of love the job can be such fun (who doesn’t enjoy whispering naughty things in the dark) but besides the wings, the job really does not come with any clothes. And I tell you…this time of yours, angel or not you can freeze your butt off.

So in order to safe myself from getting frostbite on sensitive parts I first went shopping at Candy Kitten, the outfit there that caught my eye was love to love. Now even though the outfit comes with some angel wings, for this picture I used wings from the Icon set from Blueberry.

There are two more things that I definite need to mention in this post, every picture needs a good background, and for this picture I made use of the Forgotten door photobox from D.U.S.T. to give just that nice mystical atmosphere. And then of course there is the pose, the one I used is one from the Gritty Beats // No Relief set from Bauhaus Movement.


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