Will you be my valentine?

February 14th, valentines day. I bet at least 90% of the blog posts that you will see this day are about valentines day and mine is absolutely no different there!

Will you be my valentine

Now there are several things that are new in this picture, to begin we have the pose from eTc Poses called Teddy Bear lay and with a name like that what else can you expect than to find a teddy bear in the picture somewhere. In my case I am draped on my bed with teddy resting nice and comfy on the small of my back.

The other item I want to mention is, you guessed it, from Candy Kitten, it is the Valentines Day edition of her very naughty kitten outfit. I am not sure if I mentioned it earlier, but the gloves that go for this outfit are for the Maitreya bento hands. Yep that is right you can simply wear the gloves and enjoy all those nimble finger movements that you enjoy so much. And of course no kitty is complete without a tail, and the tail that comes with the outfit s full bento as well.

The last thing I want to mention about this picture is the cute hairstyle I am having in this picture is from eXxEsS the Nova.


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