Up for auction

I so love visiting stores within SL, there is of course shopping to be done, but also some of the shops you encounter are so amazingly landscapes that they just are an invitation to come back and make a picture there.

Up for auction

So as I mentioned in an earlier post I have been at the  ROMP event and there I found a wonderful creation from Constraint that I mentioned in my blog here. After having bought the item I went to the store to see what other goodies were for sale, and fell in love with the place, so that is where todays picture was taken.

Todays picture showcases another item from ROMP this time it is a creation from Salt & Pepper , a harness called Tam. The harness comes with a version with and without the bottom strapped included, you get one guess as to which version I chose to wear! As we have come to expect from Salt & Pepper the harness comes with a colour hud, which allows you to change the colour on the leather (12) and the metals (7).

During the event you get 20% off on this wonderful item, which means you can pick it up for a mere L$485. quite the steal for such a sexy item!

Oh and to complete, the prop that I used to make this picture is the Mesh BDSM Post from Shoki Animations.


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