The pretty present

Another post where I am hinting at being a Christmas present? Yep you better believe it, it is simply that time of the year and I am arrogant enough to think that I would make the perfect present any time of year!

The prety present

Of course it is also that just before I went out to make this picture I was able to spend some time with my dear friend Pleasur Chἶcellἶ who is an amazing photographer and an amazing woman. Well we were exchanging some Christmas gifts so that once again got me in the mood of giving.

Now when I think of Christmas and then to be more exact about Christmas colours, red and white are what immediate come to mind, and it is exactly these two colours that I wanted to incorporate in my picture. For the white, I am using two creations. There is the oh so seasonal Bright II from [White~Widow] that will be available real soon at The Kinky Event.

And to give it a mmmmm kinky touch, I dug deep into my inventory and found these Evva Body Corset Piercings from the good people at Real Evil. Now for the needed redness in this picture I made use of the Puppet Skybox from Sari Sari. Which is honestly a big prop, with several puppeteer related bento poses.


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